Parks & Courses

Parks & Courses

**2018 info coming soon, here's the 2017 highlights**

Every year we build one of the most creative, challenging and fun park courses for three days of professional skate and BMX competitions.  Carrying on what seems to be a perfect tradition, we work with the UK’s premium park builders, Four One Four Skateparks.  In 2016 Four One Four designed an insane park to ensure the iBMXff World Championships had the best possible platform to show the progression of BMX.  The park also lent itself perfectly to Skate with the introduction of more street obstacles.

2017 PARK

We present to you the NASS Pro Park.  With the iBMXff World championships returning to NASS our park will take centre stage.  Yet again, the guys at Four One Four Skateparks have come through with another incredible park design that sees the perfect mix of street and transition to offer an all round park experience.  From the return of ‘Elvis’ to the addition of some crazy new street obstacles, we are sure that this park will offer the canvas for the worlds best BMX’ers and Skaters to express their art.

Someone that has demonstrated his supremacy in the NASS Pro Park is two times NASS Pro BMX champion Logan Martin, who had the following to say -

The course looks awesome this year as per every year! The box straight into the step up is always super fun! I’m sure there will be some fun gaps and transfers by looking at a photo! The course usually links up really well and is always built solid so I’m excited to ride it!” – Logan Martin

Designed by the UK’s leading park designers 414.  Shaun Scarffe and Trevor Johnson have been building parks all over the UK.  From Corby to the newly completed Mount Hawke (Cornwall).  414 are building the best wooden structures in the UK and we are proud to be working with them.



Tony Hawk once said that the NASS vert ramp was the best demo ramp he has ever ridder.  This is testament to the hard work that King Ramps put into building our vert.  After being such a success in 2015, the Vert returns for the third year and is renowned as the best demo ramp in Europe. 



Returning for the second year, the Flatland arena for the iBMXff Flatland World Championships, as well as a stage for Soul Mavericks to perform their B-Boy antics.





What would NASS be without the Public Park.  This is your chance to get involved and have a go.  Whether you skate, ride, scoot or inline, this is a space where you can hang out and get in the zone.  Sweat off the hangover or just get yourself pumped before enjoying some of our headline acts.  We have stepped up the mini in the public park this year to a 5ft mini and have some inventive street obstacles for you to get creative on.  Its all free, so come and get involved.

Remember, you must wear a helmet to ride the public parks and ramps!

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