The Ring Of Fire

Got a burning desire to be at NASS and witness the mayhem? Don't worry, the Ring Of Fire will return in 2018. As Mr. Johnny Cash once proclaimed, “Bound by wild desire / I fell in to a ring of fire.” The Ring of Fire is a relatively rare obstacle that is always thrilling to watch. Fueled by “wild desire,” skateboarders and BMX’ers have attempted the feat for decades. The margin for error is so slim with attempting it; airing too low can mean clipping the lower bar while shooting too high could lead to an avant guard haircut.

RL Osborn aired through on a BMX Action magazine cover as far back as 1981. 

John Cardiel, undeniably one of the gnarliest human beings ever, graced the cover of Thrasher magazine to celebrate his winning Skater of the Year in 1993. 

In more recent years, the obstacle appeared in Copenhagen during annual CPH Open in 2012 and 2013. During those years, skateboarders the world over pushed the boundaries of what could be done; Ishod Wair’s frontside flip and Evan Smith’s boneless through the flames really raised the level of Ring of Fire skating.




As usual, NASS 2018 will feature the awe-inspiring obstacle for BMX’ers and skateboarders to shred. This event will be sure to excite so make sure to pick up your passes soon to witness the rarity that is the Ring of Fire.

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