Local Residents Info

We are sorry for the delays to your journeys on Thursday 11 July, whilst festivalgoers made their way to NASS. We have consulted local residents, councillors and will have additional support from the traffic management team who work with Glastonbury. An updated traffic management plan will come into effect from Sunday evening as festivalgoers make their way home.

  • Peak exit times will be 10-2pm on Monday. Please avoid travelling at this time if you are able to.
  • We are offering more shuttle buses to Castle Cary station which will run from 7am - 5pm on Monday. These buses will be free to use
  • We are reminding all festivalgoers to respect our neighbours and not walk on the road

We have a dedicated local residents phone line. Please call 01749 988 364 if you need to speak to us. 


The NASS festival build will begin on Wednesday 3rd July, the site will be cleared by Friday 19th July.  There should be no disruption to local residents during the build and break process. 

Event Opening & Closing Times

  • Carparks: Thursday 11th July 12:00 – Monday 15th July 16:00
  • Campsites: Thursday 11th July 14:00 – Monday 15th July 14:00
  • Arena: Thursday 11th July 14:00-02:00 / Fri 12th-Sun 14th July 09:00-03:00 daily

Noise Management 

Vision Nine have employed an independent noise management contractor whose role is to monitor music noise from the event site at specific monitoring points, both on and off site. The team will feed noise readings directly back to the sound engineers to ensure we remain within the limits agreed with Mendip Council environmental health team. There will be system testing from 17:00-20:00 on Thursday 11th July.  

During the main festival weekend live music will be played during the following times: 

  • Friday 12th July - Sunday 12th July 10:00-03:00 (after 00:00 on Friday & Saturday/ 23:30 on Sunday, music will be restricted to indoor venues). 

Traffic Management 

We will be implementing a similar traffic management plan to 2018, which was executed with minimum local impact. We actively promote train travel, coaches and car sharing to reduce traffic impact. 

We plan to exit the majority of our Monday traffic via blue gate onto the A371, however if there is congestion in this area, there may be a need to exit a small amount of traffic via Baghborough Lane and onto the A37. 

Off site mitigation 

Similar to previous years, we have been working closely with Mendip council and Avon & Somerset police to ensure NASS is a safe and fun event for all who attend and to minimise disruption to the local area.

We have scheduled regular and increased security patrols of Baghborough Lane and Prestleigh village, along with some static positions to ensure minimal disturbance is caused by the coming or going of our attendees.

There will be twice daily litter picks of the A371 leading to Prestleigh village and along Baghborough lane to ensure quick clearance of any waste that may come out of the festival site.  

Festival Sustainability 

In 2018 we introduced a litter bond trial scheme for camping customers. After a successful first year we are pleased to be rolling this scheme out across 100% of our camping ticket holders. The aim of this initiative is to drive our audience to take more responsibility for the festival site and to educate them on the importance of reducing the amount of waste they generate, recycling as much of the waste they generate as possible, and ensuring they re-use as much as possible.  

NASS Collective 

The NASS Collective is a new initiative for 2019 and was born out of the festival’s desire to give back and support the culture that is at the heart of the event and surrounding communities.

These key cultural elements of NASS can be divided into ‘community’, ‘culture’ and ‘force for good’, with a focus on supporting the key content strands of the show: action sports, music, street art culture. We aim to give back to the local communities surrounding the festival’s home in Shepton Mallet by offering financial grants through The NASS Collective to local charities and community led projects. 



We offer any local residents who fall within festival boundary lines the opportunity to apply for tickets to attend NASS Festival. The festival boundary is outlined below.

2019 applications are now closed. 

► Ticket type: 3-Day-Non-Camping (max two per household)
► Evidence to provide: Proof of address (such as a utility bill) that is valid in the last three months. NASS will not use your information for third party use.
► Local Resident Tickets are subject to an obligatory £20 charity donation per ticket.


If you have any concerns before, during or after the festival, please contact us via the methods below:

  • Vision Nine head office: 0203 617 6000 (for pre-event enquiries, Mon-Fri 09:30-18:00)
  • Event control:  01749 988 364  (24hrs / day from Thurs 11 10:00 – Mon 15 14:00)
  • By Email: access@visionninegroup.com (pre, during or post event)
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