7 - 10 July 2022 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
7 - 10 July 2022 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol

Main Arena Opening Times: TBC
Campsite Opening Times: TBC
Car Park Opening Times: TBC
Box Office Opening Times: TBC
Lost Property: TBC

Opening times during the live event are as follows: TBC

Wristband Exchange: Wristbands are exchanged at the entrance following gate searches and ticket scanning.

Dates: Thursday 7 July – Sunday 10 July 2022
Venue: Bath & West Showground
Address: Shepton Mallet, Somerset, BA4 6QN, UK

Disabled Access: We offer pre-bookable accessible facilities and 2for1 personal assistant tickets. More information here
Ticket Type Details: More information on each ticket type can be found here
Entry Terms & Conditions: Full T&Cs can be found here

Shuttle buses will run every regularly from the festival entrance to Castle Cary.
Exact times TBC

Please DO NOT WALK in the road. Help us keep you safe. Hop on a bus. #NASSSafe

Pick up points will be confirmed soon.

As with most festivals and major events, it will take a bit of time to leave our car parks. Please be patient. We’ll get you on the road as soon as we can.

•  Follow directions from car park staff
•  Don’t be that person who tries to jump the queue
•  Bring some water to drink
•  Please respect our neighbours as you leave the festival

Persons’ aged 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years and above. Each adult can accompany a maximum of two children.

When will I be asked for ID? You may be asked for ID in the following situations:<
• To prove you are 18 or older if you are buying alcohol inside the festival or if you are bringing alcohol into the festival
• To prove that you are 16 or older if you are entering the festival unaccompanied
• To prove your age if you are acting as a guardian for anyone under the age of 16 (see age restrictions for details)

What forms of ID are valid? We accept the following forms of ID:
• Passport
• Driving licence
• Official ID that contain the certified PASS logo. These are available for proof of 12 to 16, 16 to 18 and over 18

Please note we cannot accept other forms of ID

We have a highly skilled medical team onsite throughout the festival who will be able to assist with any medical advice or incidents. You can find Medical locations in the main arena near the NASS merch stall opposite The Plaza or on the Wayfinder map here. Medical team are available 24hrs, when the main arena is closed (0300-0900) there is a temporary Medical base in near the Campsite Village adjacent to Welfare. If you cannot get to a medical point, see the nearest steward for assistance.

Noise & Volume: Noise levels may exceed 96dB. Prolonged exposure to loud music may affect your hearing. For advice on how to protect your hearing visit the Action on Hearing Loss website

•  While we encourage you to bring your skateboard or bmx, we do not provide secure lockup for your ride
•  The festival has a large amount of concrete to ride
•  Please note skateboards and bikes are prohibited from indoor music venues and upstairs on the balcony in the Pro Park
•  We also have a custom-built public park for all amateur riders

Weekend tickets are scanned upon entry to the campsite entrance and exchanged for a matching wristband. Day tickets are exchanged at the Main Arena entrance. Last ticket/wristband exchange is at 23:00 at all entrances.

Campsite re-admission policy:

We don’t allow re-entry at NASS festival. When you arrive at the festival, you’ll be able to return to your car once on the day of arrival to collect your belongings. (Please note, alcohol can only be brought it on your first entry into the festival).

After that, if you choose to leave the festival site, once you have your camping wristband, you won’t be able to re-enter. This goes for all campers, including if you have chosen to stay in accommodation near by.

Main Arena Re-admission Policy:

Day ticket holders cannot exit and re-enter the arena.

•  Drinking water is available in multiple locations throughout the campsite and arena
•  General camping has limited showering facilities
•  VIP camping has showers and toilet
•  Cash machines are available throughout the festival
•  Mobile phone charging stations are available at an extra cost

Upon entry we’ll swap your ticket for a wristband

► We may ask for ID to verify your age. Under 16s arriving without an adult will be denied entry.

► Please expect to be searched thoroughly upon entry. Prohibited items will either be removed from your possession or you will be turned away. We don’t have the facility to store them for you, confiscated items will be destroyed.

► Prohibited items are as follows:

✗ illegal substances, psychoactive substances, nitrous oxide and legal highs
✗ aerosols, spray cans (including deodorants, antiperspirants, hairspray, dry shampoo, suntan lotion, skin moisturiser). Roll on deodorants are allowed.
✗ spirits (alcohol)
✗ anything that could be reasonably considered for use as a weapon
✗ candles, sky lanterns, paraffin lamps, chemical toilets
✗ portable or disposable barbeques/gas/paraffin lamps or any fire/gas related cooking equipment
✗ portable laser equipment and pens, selfie sticks
✗ drones, quadcopters, remote controlled flying devices
✗ megaphones, air horns, compressed air
✗ fireworks, flares
✗ Sound systems of any description
✗ animals with the exception of guide dogs
✗ generators, apart from those permanently built into campervans
✗ gas canisters or cylinders apart from those fitted in campervans
✗ unofficial tabards or hi-vis jackets
✗ professional camera or video recording equipment (including SLRs and anything with a detachable lens and tripods)
✗ campfires are not permitted
✗ campfires are not permitted
✗ Glass including all bottles containing makeup, perfume (small compact mirrors are allowed, max size 10x10cm). Makeup and perfume in 250ml or smaller plastic containers are allowed.

✗ Motorised vehicles including powered skateboards, bicycles, segues, or similar machines except for accessibility equipment and motorised wheelchairs
✗ Please be aware that Day Ticket holders are not permitted to bring any alcohol into the Venue and/or Arena;


As with anywhere else in the UK, it is illegal to buy, sell or take drugs at NASS Festival. All drugs are potentially dangerous; there are no harmless drugs.  The only way to avoid risks is not to take drugs at all. This goes for new psychoactive substances (formerly known as ‘legal highs’) as well.

We operate an amnesty system at the festival entrance which is your chance to give up any drugs or other prohibited items without getting in trouble. Look for the amnesty point signs. After this point you will be searched and if found in possession of drugs or other prohibited items you will be refused entry and may be arrested.

If you choose to take drugs, please read this advice from Festival Safe. We want all NASS attendees to stay safe and have fun. If you or a friend do take something and become unwell, we’re here to help. You can speak to any member of security or go to the welfare tent where you will be looked after by our friendly and experienced team. You will not get in trouble. For more information on drugs and alcohol safety visit Festival Safe.

Everyone deserves to have fun and enjoy themselves at NASS. Because of this we have a zero tolerance policy towards any kind of sexual assault or harassment. We also don’t tolerate any racism, discrimination or any other anti-social behaviour. To make it clear, this is what we classify as unacceptable behaviour and may get you ejected from the festival:
• Any unwanted physical contact
• Groping
• Grabbing
• Catcalling
• Leering
• Stalking
• Rape
• Upskirting
• Verbal or physical intimidation

If you experience any of this or see it happening, please call it out and/or report it to the nearest steward or security guard. We will have support services available onsite in the Medical and Welfare points and we have specially trained staff onsite to help support victims. The locations of our Medical and Welfare tents are shown on our site map and in the official NASS app.

You can also report it by emailing We take all reports incredibly seriously and will always respond from a place of belief.

Please read all points regarding bringing your own alcohol to the festival:

•  Weekend campers aged 18 or over can bring in limited amounts and types of alcohol to the campsite. You are only permitted to bring either 24 cans of beer/lager and/or cider and/or alcopops per person OR 2 bottles of wine (which must be decanted from glass bottles) per person into the campsites. Glass and spirits and alcoholic beverages with alcohol content which exceed 12% ABV are strictly prohibited. Any alcohol above the permitted allowance will be confiscated.
•  You will need ID to prove you are 18 or over to be allowed to bring alcohol in. Acceptable types of ID are: passport, drivers license or anything with a PASS logo.
•  You can only bring alcohol in the first time you enter when you exchange your ticket
•  You will not be allowed to exit & re-enter by use of your wristband with alcohol
•  Day ticket holders are not allowed to bring in any alcoholic drinks
•  All drinks must be in unopened bottles cans etc (no glass) with the exception of decanted bottles of wine
•  Alcohol is on sale at the event but you must be 18 or over to purchase it. Bring ID, you will be asked each time you buy a drink. It is illegal to attempt to buy alcohol if you are under 18 and it is illegal to buy alcohol for another person who is under 18. Challenge 25 is in place at all bars. There will be a variety of bars on site and these will sell a range of drinks

Like all major events and festivals, we are aware of a raised level of threat across the country, though we do not currently have any specific threat related to the festival or surrounding area. We continue to plan the event closely with the police and security services and the police will have a presence on site throughout the festival to support our dedicated security provider. We have increased security measures in place for 2019 and continue to work vigilantly with all our partners to deliver a safe and enjoyable event for all attending.

Due to extra security measures, entrance into the festival may be slightly slower. To ensure we get you in as quickly and safely as possible please pack light, be patient and co-operate with instructions from our security team.



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