Truck & Bearing

Truck & Bearing

Come and prop up the bar at our very own on-site pub, built as a tribute to its four mysterious founders. By day it offers an alternative venue to our epic music stages in which to hang out and grab a pint. Relax in the beer garden, enjoy the mini-ramp mayhem and soak up the skate and BMX nostalgia. By night you can expect a lock-in with a raucous after-hours vibe, with a lively line-up of alternative acts. Previous headliners have included Shikari Soundsystem, Benji Webbe & DJ Mel Clarke. Come down and make the Truck & Bearing your local.

The story goes that The Truck and Bearing was originally a pub called 'The Cow & Egg' run by the famously short-fused Jimmy Cudd. Due to the scarcity of drinking establishments in the area, local youths began to try their luck getting served at the pub. Mr Cudd became frustrated at the underage drinking and was horrified that the kids were skateboarding and riding BMXs in the garden, as well as graffiti-ing the pub walls. Little did he know that the teenagers that were using the pub to develop skills that set this group apart in the underground scenes. The ongoing feud between Cudd and the kids led to an incident where the heavyset pub owner attacked one of the teenagers with a beer keg on the end of a chain. The resulting court costs led to the pub falling into disrepair, and Cudd was subsequently arrested in 1993 for a separate incident involving a ram from a local farm. The youths immediately moved into the building and used it as a community for artists, fledgling punk bands and skaters/BMXers. Having a dedicated space allowed them to flourish. There were four members that stood out: drummer Beanie Yasuda formed short-lived but seminal punk band Twisted Forks. Cedric  'Ceddy' Mac became arguably the best skateboarder in the south west. Locals were amazed by Pudge Williams's prowess with a BMX, especially considering his stature. Mitch-1 created a style that was admired throughout the UK street art scene. They renamed the pub The Truck & Bearing and slowly built it back up in their own way, incorporating a stage, skatable steps, a mini ramp and plenty of street art murals.

Spontaneous punk gigs and parties at the venue throughout ‘94-’95 became legendary around the South West. But it was one night, known as the ‘Off the Rails’ night, that will go down in history. Twisted Forks were playing to an unusually large crowd, with up to 3000 punks, skaters, BMXers and artists gathering from across the UK. There are conflicting views as to what happened that night, but reports state that police helicopters were called, 26 people were arrested and at least one party goer (rumoured to be Pudge) had to have handlebars surgically removed from his skull. In the aftermath, two drunk horses were found behind the bar and a ram was found on the mini ramp, gaffa-taped to a skateboard. Cedric and Pudge were reported to be attempting outrageous tricks over the crowd, and rumour suggests that one failed trick caused a precarious amp stack to fall, severing Beanie Yasuda’s hands.  Intoxicated by the sense of devilment in the air and emboldened by the need for an epic drum solo, she inserted drumsticks into the stumps before finishing her set. In the chaos, Mitch-1 was blinded by an exploding spray can, but continued painting with what seemed to be a sixth sense for what he was creating. It was the attention from this night that led to the pub being shut down by police, and the building was eventually condemned. The fall-out was dramatic. Cedric was sectioned. Pudge went missing. Beanie was rumoured to have headed to Peru. Mitch-1 was prolific until his mysterious disappearance around the time Banksy became well-known.

20 years later, after being inspired by the Tony Hawk demo vert at NASS in 2015, a younger member of the original crew called Manny Bosko decided to re-build the legendary pub at NASS as a tribute to the core four. Backed by money he had made documenting the 90s-alternative scene and with help from local kids, he reopened the Truck & Bearing. It now stands as a celebration of action sports, alternative music, street art and delicious ale.

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