The Stall Yard

The Stall Yard

The Stall Yard is our indoor market, home to some of the biggest names in skate and BMX clothing and hardware as well as many up and coming independent clothing brands showcasing their latest designs. Located smack bang in the middle of the festival you can’t miss it. Decks, shoes, clothes, caps, hardware, merch and more, the stall yards got you covered. We even make space for a mini-ramp and barber shop! Come and check out the next innovations and demos on all the latest product and hardware. If you snap a board or pop a bearing, you can buy whatever you need here!

We'll release the list of 2019 traders ahead of this year's festival, in the meantime, check out some of the below traders that were at NASS 2018. 

NASS 2018 selected streetwear & hardware pop-ups

Beatniks – The finest, cut loose and fancy free vintage clothing madness. A retro must for any self-respecting superstar.

Dirty Rich – The life style brand Born from a shed in North London from 2015 with the idea to create a new life style brand working alone side great artist and influencers of now. Clothing is just the start for Dirty Rich.

Indi Clothing CO  – Bold and imaginative, we bring you a collection of quality clothing and accessories, inspired by our passion for nature, travel and outdoor adventures.
Designed and handprinted on the Yorkshire coast, our products are sold to all corners of the world, influencing like-minded people to explore, discover and wander .We take a lot of pride in our unique small business approach to production, packaging and customer care – giving our customers a memorable experience. Shared experiences are what we thrive on. We encourage customers to be creative with our hashtag, which has led to some amazing and stunning customer photographs.

Watershed – “We wanted to create a business that was true to ourselves and our customers. In a world where there are so many emerging companies and business' we wanted to stand out by running and developing a business that focused on the values of what we supply. As avid designers and photographers with a love of the outdoors, we created Watershed Shop which has become the beginning of a new era of business and a new start in life." 
Watershed Shop Started selling well know lifestyle brands, which were unique in our industry. We focused on stocking and importing products that were not previously available in the UK. 

PKL – Fashion is often defined in terms of modishness, distinctiveness and elegance, but it has some other aspects as well. It is more about being the individual you really are and carrying the right attitude in a befitting manner. Our designer urban streetwear reveals the best in you and imbibes a zeal that is driven by freedom of choice. Going by the latest trends, fashion has become all about comfort and being you. Our top brands have brought a lot of innovation in the street wear range. This clothing style is most appealing to the younger customers. We at have redefined street wear with our range of sweatshirts and street accessories.

FORW4RD – A small independent forward thinking store selling the finest Clothing, Footwear, Accessories and Skate Goods on the market. Established 2004 in sunny Cleethorpes England. We stock the brands we grew up admiring amongst new labels who share our ethos and passion for the lifestyles we live. 

Blue Cheese - Nottingham clothing label Blue Cheese Clothing launched in 2009, bringing cutting edge graphics, hand drawn designs and an edge to your clothes.

Time is now UK  -  Here at time is now we believe in quality, so we ensure all our clothing is made from the finest fabrics available, naturally sourced and produced to the highest standard.

We Are Horizontal  – Coming from a printing and design background the leap was definitely the next step. People have always said ‘You Are So Laid Back, You Are Horizontal’ We want to bring you a brand that will give you a lust for adventure in everyday life. Life is fun and doesn’t always have to be so serious. Just sit back relax and why not join us.

G SHOCK – In 1983 the first G-SHOCK was born. The brainchild of Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe, this new timepiece shattered the reputation of a watch as a fragile piece of jewellery and fused function with design to create the uniqueness that is G-SHOCK. 

Doomsday Co - Providing quality garments to the present and future fashion scene. Influenced by traditional body art streetwear fashion.

Crosscheck Clothing – Cross Check Clothing is a hockey inspired clothing brand, created in 2012 by Josh & Pete. Our aim from day one was to "bring fresh apparel products to the hockey loving world." We began with a logo and a few basic tshirts on our dining room table and a few years on, we are blessed to run an office and workshop based in Rotherham, South Yorks, alongside an awesome team of friends who pitch in to help keep the ship moving in the right direction, eat pizza, drink beer & Irn Bru and talk hockey.

Terminal 1 - Opening in 2011 Terminal 1 is a 13,000 sq ft indoor venue with an outdoor 6000 sq ft BMX pump track, situated in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. We provide a fun and friendly environment with a wide variety of modern ramps.The park has been designed to cater for all ages and abilities and is an evolving site. We have been host to some of the biggest extreme sports teams and music events, in addition to this we have facilitated regular school and youth group hire with a weekly attendance of approx 1000 visitors.

Sick Ts -  Sick T's is the result of 3 childhood friends deciding one afternoon to have a go at making t-shirts. After taking some time to teach ourselves the art of screenprinting, starting with a screen hinged to a table in a dirty garage, it emerged we were capable of creating some pretty sick t's and so we decided to try and make something of it.

Platypus Clothing -  Bursting out from the underbelly of Nottingham, England in 2014 Platypus strives to bring you hand-crafted, limited clothing. Iconic works of art, fit for the streets. Our graphics are bold for people and by people who like to get their hands dirty.  Lovingly designed, printed and packed by us, we practise a DIY ethos and strive to break the mould.

Violate Clothing - The Vision was to transcend the boundaries of traditional apparel and allow Violate to roam as a design driven, lifestyle- boutique brand.

MTRPLDN - A brand from the inner city of London, initialise a strong uphold in the handling and online distribution of quality apparel.Our brand’s concept derives from the initial action we take towards our destiny; the steps we take which alter conventional ways of thinking, this is vital to realise ones potential, or purpose.  The key to freedom is always the first step we take away from our repetitive lifestyle.  MTRP represent a lifestyle asserted to knowing how to manoeuvre through stagnation x adversity.

Junkbox – We love to travel, explore & board! Seeing so many beautiful places on our adventures we wanted to bring a little slice of that home for everyone to enjoy. So came Junkbox. Our unique handmade products encompass what we love about the world & the sports that allow us to 'Go Outside'
From our Boardwear backpacks to our Old School everyday tees we have products to suit every age & style. We love what we do & hope you love what we make.

Girlskate UK - A lighthearted blog sharing photos, video clips, event information and what’s going on in the UK girl skateboarding scene, all in one friendly place.

Skatepal -  SkatePal is a non-profit organisation that works with communities throughout Palestine to enhance the lives of young people and promote the benefits of skateboarding. Since 2013, our ongoing presence and award-winning projects have reached hundreds of young people across the West Bank and won acclaim and recognition from supporters around the world. We are run by a committed team of local and international volunteers who, through teaching skate classes, building skateparks and providing equipment, are enabling an ever-growing number of Palestinian skaters to empower themselves and inspire the next generation of Palestinian youth.

Bravery - Our products combine the finest quality fabrics with stylish designs to suit any extreme enthusiast. From Surfing to Skydiving, Skateboarding to Motocross, our clothing range has you covered! Choose from our epic selection of colour combinations to suit your style!! We are proud to work hand in hand with selected charities that we feel are really making a difference in this world. By supporting Bravery you are helping us help others. A percentage of all Bravery’s profits will go directly to Kwano. Please see our Charities page, or Make a Donation link for more info!

Rock Solid - Rock Solid Distribution is a UK based skateboard distribution company based in Bristol.We are lucky enough to work with some of the best brands within our industry which we our very proud of. We feel we have a strong portfolio of brands that cover nearly all aspects of legit skateboarding. Our aim is to provide awesome brands and great service to retailers all over the UK Rock Solid is skateboarder owned and operated.

Gully Garms - Vintage clothing seller I Range from sports clothing, smart attire down to Hawaiian shirts.

NASS Festival 2015 stall yard merch skateboards

NASS Festival 2015 Stall Yard merch BMX

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