23 - 26 September 2021 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
23 - 26 September 2021 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol

These hassle-free tent packages offer a budget-friendly camping experience for those not wanting to lug a tent around to find the best camping spot. The Camplight campsite village will be set up in the very popular Syndicate campsite which is prime camping real estate.

You and your friends will arrive at NASS with your tents ready and waiting for you with prices starting from just £55 for the entire event! As part of our bid to eliminate the need to buy cheap tents and reduce campsite waste Camplight pre-pitched tents are made from recycled tents that have been rescued from other festivals!

You’ll receive a hearty welcome to the Camplight Village by the crew, be shown your tent and can leave with the peace of mind that your tent will not go to waste.

Please note that festival tickets are not included in your accommodation price and must be added to your booking separately. All images are of expected delivered accommodations but please be advised final products are subject to some minor changes (for example tent colour or exact layout) depending on exact availability due to all Camplight tents being salvaged from other festivals which all add to the charm of the Camplight campsite.

Pre-pitched tent packages

Includes: Tent packages include pre-pitched tents, roll mat, and chair

Sleeping configuration:

  • 1 person tent package inc. 1x single roll mat & 1x chair
  • 2 person tent package inc. 2x single roll mats & 1x chair
  • 4 person tent package inc. 4x single roll mats & 2x chairs
  • 5 person tent package inc. 5x single roll mats & 2 x chairs
  • 6 person tent package inc. 6x single roll mats &  2x chairs
  • 8 person tent package inc. 8x single roll mats & 2x chairs


  • 1 person tent package: pop-up, single room tent
  • 2 person tent package: single room dome tent with porch
  • 4 person tent package: two double rooms and a communal linking area
  • 5 person tent package: single or double room variations all with a big porch area with room to stand up in
  • 6 person tent package: two triple rooms in a pod style layout for large camping groups with a communal linking area
  • 8 person tent package: tents come in varying configurations for large camping groups with a communal linking area

Package prices:

    • 1 person tent: £55
    • 2 person tent: £105
    • 4 person tent: £190
    • 5 person tent: £235
    • 6 person tent: £280
    • 8 person tent: £354


These can be booked even if you’re not staying in the Camplight village, all you need to do is pick them up from the Camplight reception which will be at their campsite in Syndicate.

        • Single air bed: £10
        • Double air bed: £15
        • Camp bed: £10
        • Self-inflating mat: £8
        • Camp chair: £5
        • Sleeping bag: £12

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