Third Line Up Announcement | 10:00 AM THURSDAY 27 FEB
9 - 12 July 2020 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
9 - 12 July 2020 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol

Tonn Piper

Born and raised in Manchester one of the most celebrated musical cities in the world, Tonn Piper has been blazing a path through the drum n bass scene for many years. He is renowned for his versatile and unique ability to adapt to many different music genres. Backing it up with his huge stage presence high-energy and relentless style captivating and elevating any audience that lies before him.

As an influential figure on the scene Tonn has many of the UK’s top Drum and Bass events, clubs and Dj’s requesting his services. He is resident at one of the biggest clubs in Europe The Warehouse Project in Manchester, where he is one of the first names on the team sheet at APE and Metropolis. Having spent 10 years with Metropolis based in both Manchester and Leeds, Tonn is one of their longest serving residents and has proved his reliability over those years.

Not an artist to be pigeonholed his diverse approach allows him to push the boundaries even further as he’s developed into an outstanding front man for several bands. The most famous of those being Manchester’s Black Grape led by Happy Mondays legendary front man Shaun Ryder. He went on tour with Shaun Ryder performing old classics such as In the name of the father, Tamazi party, Reverend etc on the 30years of Shaun Ryder tour. Having made such an impact within the camp, Shaun included Tonn in his autobiography. This is a huge achievement for Tonn Piper let alone any Mancunian or party animal across the nation.

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