Third Line Up Announcement | 10:00 AM THURSDAY 27 FEB
9 - 12 July 2020 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
9 - 12 July 2020 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol


Eks marks the spot! Multi-award winning master of ceremonies, and the man behind the massive Overload & Next Hype parties, Eksman’s story is stuff of legend…

Breaking through into the scene in the mid 90s, during a time when the MC circuit was notoriously locked down, Eksman is still largely regarded as the king of Double time MCs and remains a huge inspiration for the next generation of budding mic-munchers… As proved by his many Best MC accolades and consecutive Best Lyrical MC titles spanning over 20 years scored from various Drum & Bass ceremonies.

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