First Line Up Drop announced for NASS 2020!
9 - 12 July 2020 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
9 - 12 July 2020 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol

Black Sun Empire

When  the  Utrecht-­‐based  trio  of  Rene  Verdult  and  brothers  Micha  and  Milan  Heyboer  chose  their  artist   alias,  they  couldn’t  have  known  it  would  manifest  itself  as  a  destiny  to  be  fulfilled.  But  for  Black  Sun   Empire,  their  title  has  become  their  fate.  Known  to  many  as  the  leaders  of  the  harder,  heavier  and   more  experimental  end  of  drum  &  bass,  Black  Sun  Empire  has  grown  into  more  than  an  artist  project.   Now  Black  Sun  Empire  and  its  offshoot,  Blackout,  is  a  record  label  and  events  empire  with  a  reach  that   stretches  across  the  globe  and  has  seen  its  three-­‐man  namesake  spearhead  a  whole  generation  of   new  artists.

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