9 - 12 July 2020 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
9 - 12 July 2020 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol


Coming to NASS this summer? Then you’ll need to be prepared. Have a read through our top festival hacks and thank us later!

Leave your campsite how you found it and get £10

Simply bring one full bag of rubbish to the Litter Bond Deposit Point and get your £10 litter bond returned to you! Super easy and will give an extra fiver to buy some much-needed coffee on the journey home!

Bring an ID card

You may be asked for ID in the following situations:
• To prove you are 18 or older if you are buying alcohol inside the festival or if you are bringing alcohol into the festival
• To prove that you are 16 or older if you are entering the festival unaccompanied
• To prove your age if you are acting as a guardian for anyone under the age of 16

We accept in-date, valid passports, driving licences (provisional and full) or official ID cards (no photocopies or other forms of ID will be accepted). To avoid bringing your passport to the festival and risk losing it we suggest you get an ID card that contain the certified PASS logo. Super cheap, fits in your wallet, and won’t prevent you from going on holiday if you lose it.

Make a flag for your tent

The bolder and brighter the better. Tie it to your tent to make it easy to spot when you get back to the campsite.

Book a pre-pitched tent

Don’t fancy lugging camping equipment to and from your car? These hassle-free tent packages are a great budget-friendly option. No need to faff around with putting up and taking down your tent or finding the best camping spot (the pre-pitched campsite village will be set up in the very popular Syndicate campsite which is prime camping real estate). More info here

Look after yourself

Not to sound like your Mum but remember to look out for yourself and your mates.

  1. Drink plenty of water (there are free water stations located across the campsite and main festival arena)
  2. Wear sunblock
  3. Have at least one decent meal a day

Lecture over.

Have a meeting spot with your friends

Pick an easily identifiable spot in the campsite and the main arena to meet your friends if you ever find yourself on your own.

Download our app before getting to the festival

Check out the set times and plan your schedule, get familiar with the site map, receive important notifications during the festival of any last minute changes and heaps more.

Did you know that  you can secure your spot from as little as £30 with our deposit scheme and payment plan options? Hit the link below NOW and start the countdown to next summer!



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