Why You Should Camp At NASS Festival

Wondering if you should camp at NASS 2019? We can think of a number of reasons why you probably should... 


Putting up your tent with your mates can be a right laugh

Even if it’s not…it makes a good story to tell when it all goes a bit wrong.



Did someone say after party?

You can easily continue the party once the headliners have finished in the festival area.

Have 4 days of fun

Getting to NASS on the Thursday means you’ll have access to a number of pre-festival parties, bars and skate/BMX activities that are on offer.

Go back to your tent during the day

Freshen up, sleep, change your clothes…whatever you need to do, it’s easy to go back to your tent throughout the day whenever you need to.



Make friends

The campsite is the best way to meet other people, whether it’s your neighbours, someone in the queue for the showers or a group you’ve stumbled upon that are playing some incredible music…the best thing is when your squad meets another squad and you form a mega squad. Just saying. 


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