Live like a boss with our top festival upgrades

Want to make your time at NASS Festival even sweeter? Take a look at the top festival upgrades...


1. Live like the VIP that you are!

As well as all the benefits of standard festival tickets, you'll also recieve; acces to the VIP Bar & Stage with exclusive DJs, the luxury VIP Campsite, VIP toilets and showers, fast entry queue lanes and free parking! Sounds good right? BOOK NOW

2. Glamp it up  

This year we'll be offering the finest accommodation options in the form of Bell Tents and Bedouin Tents, all set in a spacious campsite with posh showers and fancy bathrooms. Enjoy a good night’s sleep and get the most out of your NASS weekend. Available to all weekend ticket holders. FIND OUT MORE

3. Keep charged at NASS 

Nothing worse than a dead battery at a festival. Always happens at the precise moment you’re trying to arrange what time to meet mates or just as you’re about to post that epic Instagram. Panic over – get unlimited phone charging all weekend from just £15.95! Drop your phone off as many times as you like at one of the Charge Candy phone charge stations and come back to a fully charged phone! BOOK NOW 

4. Keep it classy with Club Class 

Want to feel amazing all weekend? Buy a Club Class Luxury Pass starting at just £30 and have access to hot showers, real flushing toilets and a huge pamper lounge with free ghd’s, hair dryers and mirror/make up stations. BOOK NOW

5. Don't struggle to the campsite 

Can’t be bothered with the faff of lugging all your stuff to the campsite? Nobody likes to lug. Now you don’t have to, just grab one of our Jolly Green helpers and their wheelbarrows for a hand getting to your chosen spot. Plus, for every sale they plant one tree via a nonprofit reforestation project. No need to pre-book - just look out for them in the car parks upon arrival. MORE INFO 

6. Pack light with Camplight 

Stay with Camplight in our bid to reduce campsite waste. When you arrive, a pre-pitched tent will be set up in the Camplight village for you and when it’s all over there's no pressure to pack down and take it all home, just leave all the camp equipment behind with the peace of mind that it will not go to waste. BOOK NOW

7. Big Green Coach 

This one isn't technically an "upgrade" but it will certainly make getting to and from NASS Festival that much easier! It’s a long drive home so give yourself a break and let someone else take care of your travel. With 17 pick-up points across the UK and return journeys starting from just £30 there is something for everyone. Plus, you'll be dropped off at the official Coach Park inside the festival gates - no one gets you closer! BOOK TICKETS

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