The official NASS 2019 Survival Guide

NASS is nearly upon us! If this is your first festival we can understand that it can all become quite daunting when having to pack! We decided to put together an easy 3 step survival guide so you can make it through and come out the other side with a smile on your face guaranteed! Make sure you give it a read!

1) Essentials

Ok let's start with the obvious, before you leave the house be sure to have the following!

  • First and foremost, our official NASS 2019 app. This is the only place you will see our set times this week, so make sure you download it HERE.
  • Ticket
  • Wallet
  • Sun cream
  • Identification - We accept passports, driving licences and official ID that features the PASS logo
  • Travel directions - Click HERE to plan! 
  • Leave prohibited items at home! Click HERE to see what you cannot bring into the festival!
  • All of your camping equipment!
  • Washbag / Toothbrush / Towel
  • Clothing for ALL weather types
  • A few pairs of shoes & flip flops!
  • Pack carefully! We suggest you read through our prohibited items list on our website so you know what you can and cannot bring.


2) How to have a good time

Guys this might sound boring, but trust me I know how it feels going all day at a festival without water. Follow these simple rules for a very happy experience.

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated
  • Apply sun cream when it's super sunny
  • Rock a cap or a bucket hat to avoid the sun
  • There will be some shaded spots around the site, take advantage of them
  • This year we have Club Class upgrades - these are high-quality showers and wash services available for a small extra fee. You're worth it!

3) Upgrades 


Nothing worse than a dead battery at a festival. Always happens at the precise moment you’re trying to arrange what time to meet mates or just as you’re about to post that epic Instagram. Panic over – get unlimited phone charging all weekend from just £15.95! BOOK NOW 


Can’t be bothered with the faff of lugging all your stuff to the campsite? Nobody likes to lug. Now you don’t have to, just grab one of our Jolly Green helpers and their wheelbarrows for a hand getting to your chosen spot. Plus, for every sale they plant one tree via a nonprofit reforestation project. No need to pre-book - just look out for them in the car parks upon arrival. 

4) Staying Safe

We want you to have the best time at NASS Festival so make sure you take the necessary steps to stay in tip top shape. We have a lot of facilities, services and infrastructure on site to help you look after yourself such as free water points, lots of food stalls, medical tents, plenty of staff on site and much more!

Look out for each other. If someone looks like they need a bit of support, please give them a hand or locate a member of staff to do so. 

For further key festival information, click HERE

5) Plan your travel 

If you haven't done so already, it's time to organise how you're going to get to NASS. It’s a long drive home after the weekend so give yourself a break and let someone else take care of your travel with Big Green Coach. There are 17 pick-up points across the UK and return journeys start from just £30! Plus, you'll be dropped off at the official Coach Park inside the festival gates - no one gets you closer! 

We also have multiple car parks for weekend campers and day visitors that choose to drive. Pre-booking your car parking pass will save you both money (buying your pass on the day is more expensive) and time (as you'll be able to park up straight away!) 

The closest train station to NASS is Castle Cary and we offer a shuttle bus service to and from there every 30 minutes (cash only)! More info can be found HERE.

Still have some questions? Check out our FAQ page HERE.

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