The Lowdown on Camping at NASS

NASS 2019 is just around the corner with only a few weeks left to go! You've got your ticket and you're ready for the madness, but where should you pitch your tent? We've got you covered with our handy guide below, giving you the full lowdown on camping at NASS 2019. So when you arrive, simply ask one of the many stewards on hand to direct you straight to your chosen field! 

If you want to party hard... 

Locarno is the one for you! Close to the main festival arena and in the heart of the action, this field is home to the main campsite village so late night food & drink options are on your doorstep. Locarno also has direct access into the surreal woodland area of The Backwoods where you can expect day raves and electro grooves. Banging.

If you don't want the hassle of lugging your camping equipment from the car you can choose one of our Camplight pre-pitched tent options - you simply turn up at NASS and your pre-pitched tent is all ready and waiting for you to arrive so no need to scope out a spot in the campsite. You'll still be at the heart of the action with the Camplight pre-pitched area being located within the Locarno campsite. Read more about choosing Camplight at NASS here


If you still want to party (but not as hard)... 

Head to Creation if you want a party vibe that's not as hectic as Locarno. Creaton is for those that want to be amongst the madness but want a little shut eye too! 

If you want to party (sometimes) but you also like your sleep...

If Locarno is the party campsite, and Creation is next on the 'party scale', then Syndicate is the next campsite on the list - it is furthest away from the entrance, but is where you get the best of both worlds. Syndicate is a fun spot to choose but is also a great place if you want to get some shut eye!


If you want to chill...

Native is our chilled campsite, one of the furthest campsites from the main arena and entrance. Make sure to pitch up in Native if you're a big fan of your zzz's and want to feel refreshed and energised for the following day.


If you're bringing the kids...

The Family campsite is surpringly designated for families (who'd have thought it?) and is the place to head if you're bringing the whole crew along. Quieter and more chilled, the Family campsite is close to the Main Arena to help little legs but is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the other campsites. 

If you're feeling bougie... 

Our VIP campsite has a brand new location this year with its own entrance and VIP car park close by. The VIP campsite is spacious and tidy and, to top it off, there'll be security on the gates at all time. There's also the campsite village that offers morning coffee, breakfast and more, free private showers and posh toilets - live like the VIP you know you are! 

Please note that VIP camping tickets are now SOLD OUT for NASS 2019!

If you're wanting that extra bit of comfort...

Choose a Glamping option if you're looking to add a touch of luxury to your festival experience, offering an extra level of comfort and class to ensure you get the most out of your NASS weekend. Options include pre-pitched packages, bell tents and Bedouin tents with facilities such as comfortable beds and mattresses, towels, cotton duvets, mirrors, lanterns, power sockets, clothes racks, blankets, tables and chairs and much more depending on your choice. Glamping add-ons are available to all weekend ticket holders. 


If you're staying in your vehicle...

You'll need to head to the Campervan Field if you're choosing to pitch up in the comfort of your own campervan this summer at NASS. The Campervan Field has a new location this year which is closer to the Main Arena - woop! Please note that the campervan area is on hard standing land so you can't pitch your tent beside your campervan, but there will be grass area where tents can go. For more information on a Campervan Pass head to our Ticket Information page. 

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