Reduce Your Environmental Impact at NASS

Read our top tips for reducing your environmental impact at NASS...

Leave only memories behind 

Take home your tent on the last day or booked a Pre-Pitched tent and take the hassle out of setting it up/ packing it down! 

Carry a reusable water bottle

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated -  re-fill points are available free from multiple taps throughout the camping areas

Use only bio-degradable glitter and face wipes 

Glitter is made from plastic that won't degrade when in the ground. But don’t worry, you can still sparkle guilt-free! There are many ranges of eco-friendly, biodegradable glitter out there.

Keep our site clean and recycle your rubbish 

Put your trash in the correct recycling bin whilst at the festival. Simple as that really. 

Get your litter bond back 

This year a refundable Litter Bond (£5) will be added to all camping tickets. This will be refunded when you produce one full bag of waste to the Litter Bond Deposit Point along with your Litter Bond ticket.

Get the Big Green Coach or car share 

Choosing the Big Greeen Coach or car sharing with others helps reduce our carbon footprint keeping NASS green, which is how we like it.


Skitch a ride