NASS 2019 Course Designs

We're stoked to present to you our NASS 2019 course designs for our epic Pro Park, brand new Mini Ramp and Public Plaza! Check them out below... 




Every year we strive to switch up and provide a solid Pro Park that is equally challenging as it is fun - there’re so many potential lines to take! 

Yet again, the guys at FourOneFour Skateparks have come through with another incredible park design that sees the perfect mix of street and transition to offer an all-round park experience - it's the perfect hybrid! You've got an awesome new hammer section, a brand new stair set and a driveway tech section for the street riders, and some gnarly new transition gaps and hips for the park flow riders!

“Can’t wait to watch the best riders going full throttle on this years Pro Park layout. More huge airs and more roof touching madness but an increased amount of Street in this years layout means the battle between the park flow riders and street tech guys continues at NASS 2019".

-Shaun Scarf, Director of FourOneFour.

"Super stoked to be heading back to NASS this year after not being able to make it last year. The course is looking unreal ! it’s got a bunch of hips and different lines that I can’t wait to ride. Buzzing to see what all riders are going to bring to NASS 2019!"

-Alex Coleborn, Pro BMX Rider .


For NASS 2019 we will be introducing our new Mini Ramp competitions – but make no mistake, this ramp is not mini…


What would NASS be without the Public Plaza? This is your chance to get involved and have a go. Whether you skate, ride, scoot or inline, this is a space where you can hang out and get in the zone. Sweat off the hangover or just get yourself pumped before enjoying some of our headline acts. We have once again stepped up the public plaza this year featuring some inventive street obstacles for you to get creative on.  It’s all free, so come and get involved. 


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