The 5 stages of learning to skateboard

1. You’re hyped

You’ve watched a couple of skate movies, got caught up in a couple of contests, you’ve probably even checked out the Instagram profiles of a few pros and you've decided that you want a piece of what they have! You’re pumped and ready to learn.


2. You get the gear

You part with your hard-earned cash and you admire your new board. It’s just so new and so beautiful, you hardly want to use it in case you scratch it. Couldn’t you just hang it on your wall whilst you play Tony Hawk online? That doesn’t make you a poser, right?


3. You skate…(kinda)

You start off with just learning how to stand on the board, you begin to push, you’re feeling good. I mean, you suck, but you’re getting the hang of it.



4. You fall…(lots)

You start to push the boundaries a bit and take some risks. You inevitably fall…and fall again…and fall again. You begin to wonder if it was such a good idea but start to trust the process as you become less sucky each time you head out on your board.


5. You land your first trick

You feel EPIC!

Oh and 6 (bonus point)...You apply for the Open Comp at NASS Festival the following summer wink 

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