Get to know Giggs - Essential Tracks

We're stoked to be bringing the Hollow Man to NASS this summer as your Friday headliner, take a peek at some of his biggest hits and discover how his music style has evolved over the years to make him one of the UK's most iconic rappers. 


2019 – 187


2017 - Linguo feat. Donae'o


2016 – Whippin’ Excursion


2016 – Lock Doh feat. Donae'o


2015 - JME feat. Giggs - Man Don't Care


2010 - Look What The Cat Dragged In


2010 – Don’t Go There feat. B.o.B


2014 – Tick Tock


2017 – Sneakbo feat. Giggs – Active


2018 - Swizz Beatz feat. Giggs - Come Again 

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