A Shout Out To Patti McGee

At NASS HQ we're interested in pioneers, people that push the boundaries, those that go against social norms, all around badass people that are changing the world, and one of those people is Patti McGee... 

Patti McGee, aka “the First Betty”, was the 1965 first Woman's National Skateboard Champion in Santa Monica. She was the first ever female professional skateboarder and she also set the world record for the fastest girl on a skateboarding at 47mph during the 1964 Dick Clark's World Teen Fair. 

Through public appearances, magazines and television during the mid-1960s, McGee and the sport of skateboarding became part of mainstream pop culture. In a sport that was largely dominated by males, she proved there was more than enough room for women. 


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Patti then went on to form the Original Betty Skateboarding Company  to support girls and women’s skateboarding.

"Our goal is to make awesome products that reflect on the past, mixing in style of the present and future.

Another important aspect of our company is the sponsorship and promotion of up-and-coming female rippers, to help them achieve their goals in skateboarding and also in life. Team members are chosen for their passion, skill, style and attitude. We are here to paint a picture of our culture through skateboarding." 

We'd like to give a big shout out to pioneers like Patti who have pushed women's skateboarding and for those that continue to push it to this day! 

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