10 Reasons Why We Love Loyle Carner (and why you should too)

1. He's stoked to be performing at NASS 2019! 

So are we Loyle, so are we! 

2. He uses his platform to give back to the community and spread positivity 

He even started up a cookery school called...wait for it...Chilli Con Carner... to help kids with ADHD. 


3. His lyrics are pure poetry 

Clever wordplay. Referencing Shakespeare. Heart-wrenchingly honest prose. Witty. This guy has got it all! 


4. He's just really bloody funny! 

5. This incredible Live Lounge version of Kanye's 'Heard 'Em Say'...it's so so good! 



6. He absolutely dotes on his mum <3 

7. He's always got time for his fans


8. He's got some friends in pretty high places...

9....but he keeps things real

10. He isn't afraid to speak his mind when it's needed! 

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