The Poundland Bandit Interview

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 6 months (Or just don’t use social media at all) then you’ll most probably know who Poundland Bandit is. The London based meme makers Instagram page shot up from 1,000 to over 80,000 in just a matter of months… Why? PLB has taken it upon himself to poke fun at everything and everyone by starter packs and memes which have taken Instagram by storm and people really really like it. It was interesting to sit down with the bandit himself to find out more about this guy...

Ok here we go. Firstly, what name do you go by? Poundland? Mr Bandit?

 I go by whatever insult gets hurled at my by a passer by/disgruntled art student I've offended on that particular today

Are you able to tell us a bit about where you grew up and what it was like?

Born and raised on a council estate in south east London, used to be like another other estate, a gang or two, dealers, occasional house being raided by police but its very chill the past few years since everyone went jail or moved

Ok so straight to it. For those who may not know you, can you let us know it is exactly what you do?

I take the piss out of people you want to take the piss out of, but aren't witty enough via the Internet and also to their face if I'm on the beers and have no regards for the consequences of my actions


Shouts offside at the wrong time for the entire 90 minutes and only pees in the cubicle with a locked door

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The starter Packs seem to be your thing. Some of them seem very personal, maybe towards people you know or who you’ve had run in’s with… Where’s the best place to find inspiration?

Yeah well every one I've made has legit been through a personal experience like meeting that type of person somewhere or a mate telling me about a girlfriend/boyfriend or overhearing some dickhead on the tube talk about craft ale.

Do you think some people take things too seriously? I’ve seen you’ve had quite a few people report certain posts that you’ve had to have removed, do you think people need to chill out?

Oh yeah 100%. So many people see themselves in the starter packs and instead of going ‘oh haha yeah to be fair I am a bit like that’ like most people do, cos they're normal human beings, they start crying and reporting my stuff like complete dildo wizards

I watched your following jump from around 1,000 to 70,000 in the matter of months… What happened?

it was mainly down to one or two bigger pages with celebrity/musician links catching on and having a laugh and showing their friends who'd then repost my stuff and whatever and then it sort of blew up from there

Since you’re following has jumped up, whats the weirded invite / offer you’ve received on the Dm’s so far?

To be fair I haven't really had weird shit offered to me, couple girls saying they fancy me and even a couple of guys too, which proves they all have kidnapper fetishes cos the only photos of me around are me in a balaclava.


Oh yeah mate I'm sure that girl you're chatting to you met in The Hermit in Camberwell would LOVE to go on a date to the St Martins library. Bloody peen arse.

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I can tell from your page that you listen to a ton of different genres of music… Wanna play a music quiz?

Yeah go on then let me spread some knowledge butter on your dry musical taste sandwich.

Favourite rap group / rapper pre year 2000?

Tough one, favourite solo rapper for a while has been Tommy Wright III, without a doubt. Favourite group would probably be Outkast, ATLiens forever.

Favourite rap group/ rapper post year 2000?

Group wise its probably secret circle, they're only fair recent but it's Antwon, Lil Ugly Mane and Wiki. Lil ugly mane falls under my favourite solo rapper/producer too.

Favourite hardcore band pre year 2000?

Shit man that's a hard one. Couldn't pick just one, no way. Cro Mags, Battery and vision of disorder.

Favourite hardcore band post year 2000?

Gotta do a top three again. Product of Waste, Special Move and Mind Eraser


'I've been robbed eight times but it's not because I walk around the estate I moved onto with my iPhone out, it could happen anywhere in England'

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Have any musicians hit you up who you really like and you’ve had to play it cool?

It was pretty cool getting a shout out from Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave on their podcast, was also pretty jokes when Lethal Bizzle followed me too.

Have you peeped the NASS 2018 line up yet? Word on the street is that you’ll be gracing us with your presence… Anyone in particular who you’re hyped to see?

Dizzee obviously, De La, AJ Tracey and Rebel Kleff.

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