The Endless magazine interview

In a time where media is either moving solely to online or folding completely, it importance of nurturing the smaller independent print titles who strive to keep magazines on shelves has never been so prevalent. Endless magazine, now on its 6th issue captures and documents the UK BMX street scene at street level as well as regular trip edits with brands and crews. We sat down with founder Eisa Bakos to discuss the ins and outs of running a independent print title in 2018…

portrait by Tonash

Hi Eisa, I hope you’re well! Let's start with the basics: are you able to let us know what Endless is, who’s involved and when it started?

Endless is an independent magazine documenting BMX worldwide. I started it back in 2015 with the help of my pals Fooman and Alan.

What inspired you to create a print magazine in the first place? You were a photographer first, right?

Yeah, I used to shoot photos for RideUk for a few years, but then Ride stopped printing and went digital. It didn’t appeal to me as much, so I left Ride to start my own thing, where I could do what the fuck I wanted. 

Dan Boiski - London

How is the BMX media in the UK currently? It seems like various titles have gone online only. How important is it that kids getting into BMX have a tangible publication to pick up?

I feel there is a selection of BMX media outlets in the UK and the majority of them produce their own content, which is what I enjoy most. Seeing reposted stuff bores me to death. I think every generation needs to experience print in one way or the other; phones, iPads and laptops just ain't the same. 

How do you think social media has affected the BMX world? It seems like footage is released one day and forgotten about the next. 

I think social media is the plague, but a plague I am forced to keep up with, otherwise I’d struggle running this kind of business. Of course it has it’s benefits; you're able to create a following for yourself, or your brand, and use it to your advantage by releasing footage/photos instantly, which essentially is free promotion that could sell your product. But it’s down to you what footage you release and what you keep back, I guess. Like you said, at the very most it’s gonna get reposted a few times but then it’s forgotten about by the next day. 

You must encounter a few hurdles when trying to get Endless to print, any funny stories from deadline day?

I just released Issue 6 and I can safely say there’s been a 100% success rate in never meeting the set deadlines since Issue 1.

Bruno Hoffman - Tenerife

You’ve shot NASS the last two years, what’s your favourite shot from the festival that you’ve taken?

Probably one of the portraits I used for Dan Paleys interview in Issue 6 in the campsite, or the ones of Giggs and Ghetts.  

Lastly, do you have any advice to people who may be looking to start a print magazine?

Set yourself a deadline and add roughly a month or two, depending what the weather's like. 

Make sure you head over to Endless NOW and find out how to pick up issue 6 today. 

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