What are you rolling on?

The world of skateboarding is a beautiful yet sometimes confusing place. Whether you're a vetran or just starting out, skateboard wheels have always played a pivotal part in a set up and determin how much or how little of the concrete you want to feel beneth your feet. To the unknowing eye all skateboard wheels look the same but the truth is that they vary in size, shape, graphics as well as hardness. In a time where we're seeing new skate brands pop up left right and centre, we wanted to break down some of the new wheel brands emerging as well as salute the classics.

Fast Wheel Co.

Its always nice to see home grown UK based brands emerging and being supported by stores and skaters alike. Fast have steadily grown over the last year or so creating a solid team which including the likes of Barney Page, Albert Nyberg as well as Kyle Wilson and Curtis Pearl. The brand is based around a real simple and clean aesthetic and has recently collabating with notorious Barcelona based store FTC. With various sizes and shapes, Fast is a great option for the more picky skater...

Wayward Wheels

Created by long term friends Andrew Brophy and Benny Fairfax, Wayward Wheels came out swinging when the brand was announced a year or so ago with a heavyweight line up of global proffesionals and amateurs alike including the likes of Chewy Cannon, Miles Silvas, Lucas Puig, Tyler Bledsoe and Lucien Clarke. Taking a more sportier direction creatively and distributed worldwide, Wayward wheels are not the cheapest option, however its always nice to support your favourite skaters. The brand also offers various apparel and accesories too which is always nice...

Canal New York

Its always nice to see a brand take a different approach to the wheel game. Canal was born in the streets on NY city and has been a hit with skateboarders world wide with their unique, higher end approach to their aesthetic as well as strong attention going towards their apparel too. Canal wheels are sold in white tissue paper, packed inside a perfect sized box which almost resembles a certain perfume brand... The apparel also features headwear, T shirts as well as quaterzips and accesories to ensure something for everyone. 


One of the more longstanding brands in the industry, Autobahn has been serving the skateboard industry since 2001 and paved the way for experimental wheel designs, clear cores, shapes and sizes. The brand is still a staple in skateshops around the world and, while they might be on the pricer end of the scale, no one can deny the brands quality. Oh and they don't flatspot. 


How could we forget these guys? Probably one of the most iconic skateboard brands, Spitfire have been in the game since 1993 and boast a huge global team, a vast array of apparel as well as making it 'ok' to role on coloured wheels. When in doubt, just buy Spitfires. 

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