Top 3: Lucy Adams

With the return of the GSUK Women's Open competition this year at NASS, we decided to kick off our new 'Top 3' interview series with none other than Lucy Adams. A house hold name in UK skateboarding, Lucy is a well travelled, experiance skateboarder and a role model for anyone looking to get into the sport. Time for your Top 3...


UK Skate Spots:

Crawley Skatepark

Beehive Plaze Spot (Crawley)

Blue Ledge (My own lttle secret spot)



Elissa Steamer

Josh Kalis

Trevor Wedd


Worldwide Spots:

Fondo (Barcelona)

Anywhere in Malmö

White Banks (Copenhagen)




Sal Flip

Backside Tailslide

Frontside Five-0


Reaons to get out of the bed in the morning:


Dog walking



Acts to see at NASS?:

Spice Girls

S Club 7


Make sure you catch Lucy skate in the GSUK Women's Open competition this Summer at NASS. Tickets available HERE.

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