Top 3: Cory Nastazio

If you ride a BMX then you know who Cory 'Nasty' Nastazio is.Born in New York in the late '70s, Cory has been riding trails since he was 13 years old and despite some of the bad injuries he has suffered over the years, Cory can still go higher than you. Reality TV shows, sponsors, broken limbs and competition wins all make up this guys extensive career. We're excited to have this guy back at NASS this year... Time for your Top 3!


Top 3 US BMX spots:


Any Trail spot

My backyard fodtrails


Top 3 BMX tricks:

360 backflip turn down

360 Superman

360 down girls



Top 3 BMXers:

Mikey Akin

Stephen Murray

Scotty Kramer


Top 3 favourite things about NASS:

Enjoy England

See the homies

Put on a show as well as watch my best friends ride!



Top 3 reasons to get out of bed in the morning:

Ride BMX

Take care of my family

Experiance life to the fullest

Skitch a ride