Top 10 NASS Music Moments

With the first line-up announcement of 2017 bringing the musical offerings of Pendulum, Sigma, Sub Focus and David Rodigan to the Royal Bath and West Showground, we’re taking you through 10 unforgettable past NASS sets to offer but a taste of what’s to be expected in July.

10. Redlight (2016)

The rise of Bristol’s own Hugh Pescod, better known as Redlight, has been nothing short of meteoric. Having frequented NASS on a number of occasions, consistently bringing unforgettable mixes, last year’s Southbank Stage set was no exception.  


9. Cypress Hill (2014)

A staple band in any self respecting 90s skater’s playlist, the Cali hip-hop collective tore the NASS main stage apart in 2014 during an inspired move in which the evening’s crowd was divided into a ‘high side’ and a ‘drunk side’. The two opposing sides of the crowd were then pitted against each another in a raucous rendition of ‘Insane in the Membrane’. 


8. Stormzy (2015)

The scale of Stormzy’s explosion into the forefront of mainstream music was predicted by few, but was clearly demonstrated by the size of the crowd his 2015 set drew despite the pouring rain. Luckily ‘Shut Up’ was not taken too literally by the afternoon’s crowd as the festival’s grime contingent was in full voice, despite the far from ideal weather conditions.


7. Hannah Wants (2014)

A firm favourite of the NASS faithful, Hannah Wants graced the festival in both 2014, and 2015, the year in which she became a resident on BBC Radio One. It was the 2014 set that was perhaps most telling of her success however, given the sheer size of the crowd she drew despite her position in the line-up. 


6. Public Enemy (2015)

As another staple in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Playlist, Public Enemy’s unforgettable set on the same weekend that the man himself graced the NASS vert ramp was an exceptional moment, appreciated by skaters and non-skaters alike.


5. Nero (2011)

The video speaks for itself.


4. Tinie Tempah (2011)

Though perhaps a divisive choice for the more elitist of NASS fans, Tinie is a force to be reckoned with live, as this video demonstrates.


3. Wilkinson (2015)

Having played NASS on a number of occasions, the leaps and bounds in which this collective has improved is clearly apparent. Despite the size of their crowd growing with each NASS set, Wilkinson’s feel-good warehouse vibes have not been dampened since their early days. 


2. Sum 41 (2012)

Canadian Skatepunks Sum 41 embody the feel-good summer vibe that NASS attempts to recreate, despite the weather’s best efforts. ‘In Too Deep’ was a song tailor made for an action sports festival such as NASS and is a song every attendee will unashamedly admit to having known the words to for the last decade.


1. Nas (2013)

The Hiphop Behemoth’s shock inclusion in the 2013 lineup was a huge statement of intent for the festival. Included in the ’10 Best Rappers of All Time’ by Billboard, the New York rapper’s headlining set was nothing short of spectacular, with a seemingly endless list of hits, and the biggest crowd of the weekend, this was an iconic NASS moment. 


Words: Toby Price






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