Six skateboard documentaries

Its important to know your skate history just as much as keeping up to date with current events. Theres a ton of great skate documentaries however we can only pick a handful... How many of these have you seen?

Deathbowl To Downtown

Back in the '70s and '80s far away from sunny California, an underground movement was taking place in the gritty streets of New York City. This documentary explores the rise of street skating on the east coast... A must watch.


The Man Who Souled The World

This documentary focuses on Steve Rocco and World Industries, a brand that changed the skateboarding world in the early 90s...


Dogtown and Z Boys

This Cali based documentary follows the pioneering Zephr skate team which includes some of the most influential skateboarders of all time...


All This Mayhem

This is a never before told tale of the Austrailian born Papas brothers as well as celebrating the glory days of vert skateboarding...


Waiting For Lightning

Danny Way jumps over the great wall of china... A no brainer. 


The Motivation

With Street League skateboarding still relatively new to our television screens, The Motivation explores what it takes for the top professional skateboarders to become a Street League champion...

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