Retail Report - Tuesdays Skate Shop

Situated in greater Manchester, the town of Bolton is famed for its textile production which dates back to the 14th century when settlers introduced the wool and cotton weaving tradition. Boasting personalities such as Amir Khan and Peter Kay, the town also  homes various museams, art gallerys as well one of the countries earliest puiblic libaries, established around 1850. Tuesdays skate shop opened in the summer of 2016 and in a time where we've seen multiple shop closures, we thought it would be good to get some time with Stefan Schrey to find out what it takes to operate a new skater owned business...

Hi Stefan, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, lets start with the basics.  Can you tell us some basic information about the store and when it started? Why did you go with the name ‘Tuesdays’ ?

My Girlfriend of 10 years has been studying in Manchester now for a few years, after being out of work for a bit I decided to make the move up to sunny Bolton to move in with her. After getting out skating and meeting the locals last year it was clear that the scene was pretty strong so rather than job hunting I though i'd give the shop a punt with my savings and loose ties to the industry. My girlfriend's name is actually Tuesday so it seemed like a no brainer and I obviously earn some extra brownie points too.

Oh I see.. Thanks for clearing that up! So The store is still pretty new, what did you find was your biggest challenge when you were in the planning stages?

My friend Andrew came up from Reading to help fit out the shop. He could only stay for 5 days so that was pretty intense getting it all done in that time span. However 16 hour days and all the locals mucking in got the job done. It was a dope little bonding experience as well.


Now the store is fully operational, how has business been?

Yeah business has been nice and steady. Christmas was a great time for us and i'm really grateful how the local scene have backed us since the beginning. 

What kind of brands do you stock? It seems that for a relatively new store you carry some pretty cool labels.  Do you aim to stock just core brands or go for lifestyle ones too?
I've worked in shops since 2008 and have quite good connections, so we were able  to rope in some great brands from day one with help from Keen, Rock Solid, Out of Step & One Distribution. I try to mainly get in skater owned brands and have managed to pull in Hélas, FA, Bronze and Yardsale which I’m super hyped about. As for lifestyle brands it might be something I’ll look into in the new year. I have spoken to Carhartt and Stussy which would be dope to get in, but the way the shops going at the moment I’m really happy with the brand direction.

Are you able to tell us about the scene in Bolton? Who's coming up that we should be looking out for?

There’s a pretty big scene in Bolton made up of a few different groups and a good few spots scattered about, Manchester being 20 minutes away also spoils you for choice. There’s usually a crew out most nights skating the park or on a street mission, but it always becomes difficult in the winter. As for people to look out for, James Holden & Tom Cottam kill it and I've managed to flow them Supra footwear through the shop thanks to Kraffty. Danny Reardon will be one to watch in the near future also. We're working on a shop team  which the guys will be involved with too.  Theres a scene video on the cards...


What are your thoughts on the recent closure of some long standing skate stores? What do you guys do to keep momentum going and keep a high footfall?
It's pretty disheartening to be honest, it’s a real shame and a massive loss to their local scenes. As it stands it’s a one man show at Tuesdays right now, but as long as I can keep getting in some sought after bits and get the website going I would love to employ some of the local dudes. To keep up momentum I try to have something new dropping at least every week so the shop rotates nicely and stays fresh. Social media is also a god send...

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