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Spawning on YouTube nearly 10 years ago, BQR set the standard for raw BMX webisodes and progressed slowly into fashion brand with worldwide reach, gaining loyal fans and customers with whom their relationship is still very close. Still producing content on YouTube a decade later where BMX remains the main focus, motorsport and automotive culture along with other areas of interest have also grown along side. We're excited that the BQR guys will be returning to NASS this year so we decided to sit down with one of the co-founders Josh to find out more about what we can expect this year...

Hey Josh, for those who may not be so familiar, are you able to introduce BQR123, who’s involved and how the brand came about?

So... long story but I’ll keep it brief. BQR is an ‘online media & apparel’ company. Which sounds pretty boring when you say it out loud haha. Basically we make clothes, and videos  which are hosted on youtube. Some would call us youtubers I guess? We’re unique in that we base both aspects of what we do heavily on personality, as it was the main reason that we found our first success. The crew we have around us fluctuates as people flutter around in life, but the core group has stayed the same & been around for years. We wouldn’t be who we are without the incredible entourage of hilarious, loyal people that associate with BQR. We started back in 2007 making videos on YouTube, gaining a small following due to heavily featuring a lot of personality in them, and probably our lack of care for what everyone else was doing haha. We just messed around at the skatepark and filmed it, but kept everything truly raw. Fast forward a few years and we wanted to start something with our name behind it, so we launched the BQR clothing brand. We’ve grown that over the past 5 years into a pretty decent little number I’d say! Without tooting our own horn too much!

So have you had a busy year so far? It seems like you guys are obsessed with cars too right?

Super busy, as always yeah! Busy is good though. But yeah with the cars, I mean there’s a pretty heavy correlation with bmx and cars – most bmx kids grow up to love cars, and we definitely fell into that stereotype. With absolutely no regret might I add haha. Cars are sick, driving is ridiculously fun and we include that in a lot of what we do. The majority of us in the BQR crew drive cars that we have an undeniable passion for!


We’re hyped to have you guys back at NASS again this year, what were some of your highlights from 2016 and what can we expect this year?

We’re hyped to be back! Ask anyone in the crew, it’s our favourite event of the year. Last year pretty much set an unreal standard, which obviously we’re gunna top this year in case anyone was wondering! The Banger car last year was hilarious and using it as an ramp in our ghetto park along with 100 other riders from NASS was amazing. We also played a mass game of british bulldog with a bunch of people which was jokes. Yeah, too many highlights. Hoping to break that record this year though...  

Any artist or athlete in particular that you guys are hyped to see in the flesh?

Is it really bad if I haven’t paid too much attention to that? Hahah. I pretty much do this every year because we’re so busy organising other things for NASS I forget to look. Always makes it a pretty good surprise when it gets to the day though and I’m like “oh wait THEY’RE playing?!” I know Matt Hoffman is going to be there again this year, and we’re a bit gutted we didn’t manage to meet him last year so we'll  try and make that a thing this time. Oh and Noisia and Pendulum’s live set will be cool. I like keeping things a surprise for myself mostly (or I’m just making excuses for not looking whos playing lool) I’m sure the other guys are pretty hyped on the big names that are coming though, I’d ask them to give their input but unfortunately I’m miles away in the middle nowhere typing this on my computer with no signal hahah.


Lastly – What else have you guys got planned for BQR123 this Summer?

Well, we’re pretty well known for having absolutely top notch organisation skills. Nahht. We have no idea what we’re doing next week to be honest mate, we play it by ear mostly. NASS is the one thing we forward plan, probably cause it actually requires a bit of forward thinking to get just right! We Might do boardmasters this year too, and probably go on a few trips around the UK and maybe Europe. Actually shit, we’re going to Scotland in a few weeks for a BMX roadtrip, that’ll be a bag of laughs! But yeah, that’s basically it for now! Cheers for the interview. See you at NASS yooooooooooo. Pumped as fuck.

Make sure you visit the BQR guys at NASS this year and say hello! In the meantime head over to the official website HERE

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