Today we are proud to announce our partnership with Long Live Southbank in support of their new fundraiser for the ‘reclaration’ of the historically important skateboarding spot in central London. 

Long Live Southbank (LLSB) recently launch a £890,000 fundraiser to restore a historically important section of the Queen Elizabeth Hall’s Undercroft for skateboarding, graffiti and other free creative activities, and create a Children and Young People’s HQ in the adjacent space, in partnership with the Southbank Centre. With planning permission granted, the 5-month long fundraising campaign seeks to raise money from the international skateboarding community, general public, businesses and philanthropists. This project heralds a pioneering new way of grassroots organisations and institutions collaborating for the benefit of local and wider communities. The success of the project would be of great significance for residents and visitors to London as well as London’s cultural landscape. The fundraiser will run over the summer and will feature a host of special events and collaborations, with the opening scheduled for January 2018.


“Southbank is an iconic skate area, and can be beneficial in the development of skateboarding worldwide. I support this restoration so that future generations have access to a globally important creative space in the heart of London" - Tony Hawk, Professional Skater

“The undercroft has been the backbone of UK skateboarding since the ‘70s and has produced a multitude of talent over the years. Restoring this section would be an incredible win for the regular users of the space, but will also add a whole new dimension for tourists who visit the space and admire the creativity that is emitted on a daily basis” – Craig Jackson, NASS Brand Manager

Expect to see the ever growing LLSB crew around the NASS site this Summer who will be taking donations, selling official merchandise and educating festival goers about the new fundraiser campaign, so be sure to pop by and say hi! For now you can donate via our ticket purchase page or visit llsbdonate.com to do your bit. 

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