Know Your Headliners: Redman & Method Man

Having run through the headliners for this year’s NASS Festival, and having glanced back at the best of the rest from previous years, it seems prudent to now introduce you, in a bit more depth, to the main feature for Friday’s festivities.

The problem with introducing such an iconic duo is that they’re both so well know and so highly celebrated that really, if you haven’t heard of them then who the hell are you anyway? Method Man and Redman have been making music together since 1994. They hold three studio albums to their names, in the form of Blackout! and follow up albums Blackout! 2 and Blackout! 3. This is before we get onto both rappers boasting serious careers beyond the duo as well. With one from Wu-Tang-Clan and the other representing Def Squad along side stacks and stacks of solo work to boot.


The two are culturally inseperable, having worked together in music, television, and numerous film including stoner classic How High. Between them, Method Man and Redman have racked up some serious screen time, so its hardly surprising how familiar these two faces are. That’s not to say you couldn’t know them better, NASS 2017 is your chance to come party with two of the biggest names in hip hop.

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