Know your headliners: Pendulum

Remember summer of 2008 when it was almost impossible to turn on the radio and not hear Zane Lowe spinning Propane Nightmares? Well it looks like we’re headed for a repeat this year as Pendulum return.

Since their beginnings in Hold Your Colour the Australian six piece have brought an element of accessibility to a previously hard to breach genre. Using pop song structures with drum n bass stylings, the band’s second record In Silico reinvented the packaging for a soon to be timeless genre. As their discography increased so did their distancing from their original sound; the Perth sextet’s third effort Immersion was yet another step into a new realm where the worlds of rock and electronic music collide and entwine - and people love it.

Since their chart topping third album Pendulum have been fairly quiet. Years without any new releases, nothing but a few DJ set to tide fans over. But six months back they finally began to hint at something new. Pendulum returns has been trickling its way through the twitter-sphere, slowly growing curiosity amongst fans who simply fell out of touch with the Perth bred sound. What’s left for us it to eagerly anticipate this arrival, scavenging clips from the internet to try and quench our thirst, hazard an early guess at what Pendulum plan to show us in 2017. That makes NASS Festival the best place to find out.

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