Know your headliners: KANO

London rapper Kano made his name in the heyday of grime. Once playing shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Marcus Nasty, Double D, Ghetts - all part of the NASTY crew. Grime was born on the streets of London, and back then was it heard almost exclusively on pirate radio.


Since his beginnings in the the early naughties Kano has gone from strength to strength, boasting a successful studio career withe numerous internationally renowned artist. Some you’d expect, some you might not - from Dizzee Rascal, to Kate Nash, To Blur. For decades Keno has been pushing out absolute bangers.

As we all know, grime is once again in full bloom, with plenty of new MCs breaking through and the pioneers of the sound becoming further cemented as icons of a generation. Kano’s most recent studio album Made in The Manor (his fifth record to date) came out in 2016, a record that’s fiercely gripping from end to end. This record not only proves that Kano is still a contender with a complex and current skill set, it also absolutely acts a statement of his longevity in the UK industry.

So there you have it, the Sunday headliner for NASS 2017: Kano. One of the biggest names in grime, and a man guaranteed to make closing night go POP POP POP!

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Words: Callum Jack - Cornwell

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