Five things to purchase instead of…

So Christmas is over and you've found yourself with a bit of cash gifted from your auntie which is to be spent wisely. So what do you do? There's obviously a million things you could spend your money on rather than securing your NASS 2017 ticket using our new Deposit Scheme for £30, so we decided to narrow it down to five things that you could purchase instead.


1. The Official Poo Beanie

Predicted to be one of the new fashion trends in 2017, stand out of the crowd with the Poo Beanie. You could actually buy four of these with £30, so you and the homies can all rep.

2. Half a years supply of Mr. Bacon's Bacon flavoured Tooth Paste

Everyone loves bacon, right? Time to stock up on toothpaste my friend.


3. Croc phone case

This ones a no brainer. Keep your phone safe in this awesome Croc phone case.



4. Digital Bubble Wrap Key Chain

Keep busy not annoying people around you with this awesome digital bubble wrap key chain.

5. $100 dollar bill toilet paper

These are actually really expensive, but hey, clearly worth it to ball out.




So there you have it... Why on earth would you want to secure your ticket to NASS 2017 for £30 when you could snap up all of this stuff instead?

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