Five skate videos you must see.

Before technology reached its current state of instantaneous recording, sharing, and discussing, skate videos could come to you few and far between. Much like porn in the 90’s, unless you had an older brother, or a friend of a friend who’s in the know, skate tapes could be hard to get a hold of.

We now live in a world where there are literally weeks worth of skate footage on the web. Amongst which is a veritable goldmine of videos which are as good as some of the classics. Old or new the videos worth talking about are the ones that take it beyond just good skating, be that for their awesome soundtrack, bone crunching bails, or cinematic qualities, each of them have a uniqueness about them which make the so irresistibly memorable. This is the NASS Top 5 most gripping skate videos.

5 - Welcome To Hell - Toy Machine

Welcome To Hell is like a skate video by numbers. Incredible and varied soundtrack? Check. Sweary pedestrians? Check. What more do you want?


4 - Trilogy - World Industries/Blind/101

They have you straight from the trippy automated intro. A news broadcast gone wrong, cyborgs, aliens? Whatever it is you won’t be able to tear your eyes away after that first minute. 


3 - Mouse - Girl Skateboarding

Maybe it’s the man-sized cartoon mouse. Maybe it’s the sick little stop motion animation. Mouse makes the list for sure.


2 - FL3 - Fancy Lads

What starts of as a seemingly cut and dry, hazy acid skate video turns into so much more around about the time the Fancy Lads start to stick boards together. A total disregard for skateboarding convention is the beauty of this number.

1 - Sorry - Flip

Forget the cartoon segments, forget Arto Saari’s limp and lifeless face post-head-injury. The thing you’re never going to forget about ‘Sorry’ is the narration by Britain’s favourite butter eating punk, Johnny Rotten.

Words: Callum-Jack Cornwell 
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