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9 - 12 July 2020 Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol
a four day festival of music, street art, skate + BMX
9 - 12 July 2020 | Shepton Mallet, nr. Bristol


Here we have a run down of the top 9 Skate Parks the UK has to offer!


The absolute juggernaut that is Graystone is a 35,000 ft ex-warehouse that is filled to every corner with facilities. The skatepark itself is impressive enough with an incredible street plaza which includes a stair set, quarter pipes, flat banks, ledges, a fun box, rails and a smooth, scultped bowl. Alongside this you’ve got a trampoline park, big air foam pit with a dedicated parkour training facility, media production room, sprung floor and boulder wall coming in 2019! It’s basically a massive indoor playground!


Known as PlayStation for years, then as the Xbox park, in 2011 Nike took over the park that is found under the Westway Flyover (not far from Ladbroke Grove).   A fun park with a quirky mini-ramp, mellow hipped bowl and lots of street.  A favourite of most London skaters and a great session on a Monday night.


A hub of British skateboarding for over 40 years and a recent success of the Long Live Southbank campaign.  One of the oldest skatespots in the world and adopted in the 70s by skaters requiring shelter from the rain.  Today you can find all arrays of skate and BMX riders all entertaining the on looking crowds.


Located in the disused rail tunnels of Waterloo train station, this venue not only boasts a smooth and deep bowl, mini ramp area and impressive street section, but also includes a cinema, bar & cafe, music stage, exhibition space and heaps more. The likes of Tony Alva, Dizzee Rascal, Alex Knost, Foo Fighters and Dinosaur Jr have all roamed the corridors of HOV.


Ever wondered why the Scottish are so gnarly and produce rippers like Stu Graham and Div Adams?  Well if it were not enough to have Livi and Saughton they went and built themselves the largest indoor concrete park in the UK.  With a street course, a fun bowl, a pool and a big bowl, this place is not for the faint hearted.


Built in the disused Bishopsworth Swimming Pool, The Campus Pool is a unique, not-for-profit organisation that uses the positive energy and influence of skateboarding to engage with children and young people. The park itself includes quarters and banks of differing sizes, a steady hip, some legit curbs which are always a pleasure to session, a road gap, a rail and a hubba.


The UK’s largest multi park venue with over 120,000 square feet of ramps.  Adrenaline Alley was established as a charity and has won awards for the facilities they provide.  With 4 separate areas or buildings, AA has a plaza, a Ramp park, a performance area as well as a scooter park.  The performance area also includes one of the best (if not the best) vert ramp in the country.


Mount Hawke Skatepark is the only indoor offering in Cornwall and serves the west country very well.  With a vert ramp built to Tony Hawk’s specifications it is one of the main attractions.  With a couple of mini ramps, a mini bowl (courtesy of DC) and a good street area.  This park will tick all of your boxes, especially if the surf is poor.


Rush skatepark is a large indoor park made up of 5 sections laid out over a 40,000sq ft. warehouse and it includes a dedicated street area, park section, bowl and a practice area consisting of a resi ramp, foam pit and jump track. Rush is an incredible skatepark that should be high up on your list of places to visit if not just for the bowl alone.


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