Top Indoor UK Skateparks

Here we have a run down of the top 10 Skate Parks the UK has to offer! 

1.Bay 66 (Ladbroke Grove, London)

Cost: £7 for a 2.5 hour session

Known as PlayStation for years, then as the Xbox park, in 2011 Nike took over the park that is found under the Westway Flyover (not far from Ladbroke Grove).   A fun park with a quirky mini-ramp, mellow hipped bowl and lots of street.  A favourite of most London skaters and a great session on a Monday night.

2. Southbank (Waterloo, London)

Cost: Free

A hub of British skateboarding for over 40 years and a recent success of the Long Live Southbank campaign.  One of the oldest skatespots in the world and adopted in the 70s by skaters requiring shelter from the rain.  Today you can find all arrays of skate and BMX riders all entertaining the on looking crowds.

3. Ramp 1 (Warrington)

Cost: 2.5 hours session £6.50 (weekday) or £8.50 (weekend)

Catering for everyone and located between Liverpool and Manchester, Ramp 1 is as much fun as you choose to make it.  With a well put together beginner section, a pro standard rhythm section and a 112ft bowl you can work up a sweat on the coldest of days (oh, and not forgetting the 165ft long plaza).

4. Ramp City (Blackpool)

Cost: 3.5 hours £7 (or £10 all day)

Whilst we are up North it would be rude not to mention Ramp City.  From the mind of Big Woody (check out the Big Woody skateshop as well), Ramp City has one of the UK’s biggest vert ramps, as well as full pipe and a proper wooden pool with concrete coping. At 29,000 square feet of gnar Ramp City is a favourite with a lot of travelling skaters.  Bikes are welcome on Saturday and Sunday nights.

5. Kaos Skatepark (East Kilbride, Glasgow)

Cost: 2 hours £5 or £10 all day

Ever wondered why the Scottish are so gnarly and produce rippers like Stu Graham and Div Adams?  Well if it were not enough to have Livi and Saughton they went and built themselves the largest indoor concrete park in the UK.  With a street course, a fun bowl, a pool and a big bowl, this place is not for the faint hearted.

6. XC Centre (Hemel Hempstead)

Cost: 3 hours £9

Built back in 2011 the XC was part of a multi million pound sports complex boasting climbing walls and high ropes.  The park has a good wooden street section and a super fun mini ramp.  It also boasts a proper pool and a 9ft deep bowl.

7. Rampworx (Liverpool)

Cost: weekday £6.50 for 2 hours or £7.50 all day, weekend £8.50 for 2 hours or £12 all day

Rampworx is the biggest indoor skatepark in the UK and has a lot to work with.  It has a bowl, a big air section and a good rhythm section.

8. Adrenaline Alley (Corby)

Cost: prices from £6.90 for 2 hour session

The UK’s largest multi park venue with over 120,000 square feet of ramps.  Adrenaline Alley was established as a charity and has won awards for the facilities they provide.  With 4 separate areas or buildings, AA has a plaza, a Ramp park, a performance area as well as a scooter park.  The performance area also includes one of the best (if not the best) vert ramp in the country.

9. Mount Hawke (Cornwall, near Newquay)

Cost: 2 hours session £6 or £10 all Day

Mount Hawke Skatepark is the only indoor offering in Cornwall and serves the west country very well.  With a vert ramp built to Tony Hawk's specifications it is one of the main attractions.  With a couple of mini ramps, a mini bowl (courtesy of DC) and a good street area.  This park will tick all of your boxes, especially if the surf is poor.

10. Rush Skatepark (Stroud)

Cost: from £8.50 per session

Being 40,000 square feet this place is Gigantic and one of the largest parks in Europe. With massive bowls, rhythm sections and a million lines to choose from Rush is basically 5 parks all rolled into one.  Designed by riders the park is a little more inclined towards BMX’ing, but don’t let that put you off as there is something for every skater in here.


Written by Kristian Maxwell
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