7 BMX Parks To Ride Before You Die!

Check out these 'Rides Before You Die', some of the best BMX parks EVER! 

1. Mellow Park - Berlin 

With a huge 60,000 sq.m of terrain, it's safe to say this is definitely a BMX's dream playground! It holds a skate park, halfpipe, pump tracks, wallrides, mini ramps AND dirt ramps. Got nowhere to stay? Mellow Park even has that covered, with wooden cabins on site you can stay in, what's stopping you!? 

2. Indoor BMX Track - Manchester 

We'll admit, doesn't have the most inspiring name, but this indoor BMX track is slowly becoming a hub for BMX riders and an awesome chance to up your game, with the centre running lessons to reach your goals! 

3. Ray's MTB Park - Cleveland

This park wasn't specifically built for BMX riders but who cares! The guys at Ride BMX Transworld reassures us “you will never hear a pro rider say he or she didn’t have fun at Ray’s” and judging by this image, it's hard not to believe them! 

4. Chula Vista - USA

Said to be the hardest in the USA and housed in the grounds of the Olympic Training Centre in San Diedo, you might even be lucky enough to ride with Olympic riders such as Brooke Crain or Connor Fields. This one's definitely a ride before you die! 

5. Olympic BMX Track - London 

A must mention! Remodelled since the games back in 2012, this 390m floodlit track is now been modified to be suitable from kids 7 upwards to pro riders - anyone can give it a go! 

6. Travis Pastrana's House 

Being the multiple gold medalist he is, why wouldn't you build an insane BMX park in your back garden?! With hips, spines and quarters, with a specially-constructed big air jump and mega quarter pipe built into it, we know who we should be making friends with this summer!  

7. Gorge Road - Queenstown 

This public dirt park is located just outside of Queenstown on the south island, with vertical berms to wallrides to mini rollers with 7m gaps! PLUS it's near Queenstown, beers anyone? 

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