Sky, The Best Seven-Year-Older Skater.. Ever!

Meet Sky, the best and cutest seven-year-old girl skater in the world and no, we're really not exaggerating! Even if, for some weird reason, you're not a skateboarding fan, we can guarantee you'll be a Sky fan after watching these short clips, for sure. 

Based in Japan, Sky recently managed to get the chance to fly out and compete at Exposure 2015, the largest all-female skateboarding event in the world, finishing 3rd in the U14 category.. she's seven! Insane. See it for yourselves ..

Sky has also recently been invited to skate at Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic but sadly can't afford the costs of flying back over to California. "Unfortunately, even though I may be the best 7 year old girl Skater on the world.. well,  there is not much support for Girls Skateboarding, especially compared to boys.” Lets try and change this by giving more girls like Sky and woman generally more support and opportunities in the skating industry so they can ride their dreams. 

Oh wait and did we mention she surfs as well?! Take a look at this. 

However we can't forget to mention Sky's equally awesome younger four-year-old brother, who also happens to be another insane skater...

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