The Top 6 Most Rad Skate Parks

1. Pinball Machine Skate Park!

In 2011 Mountain Dew may have created the coolest skatepark we have ever seen! With their Pinball Machine.


2. Floating Water Ramp

Skater Bob Burnquist and his team designed and built the coolest floating skateboarding ramp in Lake Tahoe, in just four days!


3. Octopus Skate Bowl

In downtown Lugano, NeverCrew created this insane Octopus Skate Bowl, as seen in the photographic book "pools: Reflections" by Kelly Klein


4. Pirate Ship Skate Bowl

Better known for it's insane surfing waves, Hossegors been hiding one of the coolest skate bowls we've seen! With this awesome Pirate Ship bowl.


5. Water Melon Bowl

Patricio Pascale created this tasty looking bowl in Australia for the Converse fixed to ride event back in 2013!


6. Volcom Park

Designed around their logo, Volcom created a pretty epic course for their FUN FUN FUN, skate and music festival!

Pretty cool hay?! We can't wait to see what the NASS 2016 course and park will look like! For more information head here.

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