10 Best Skate Park Ideas Ever

Ever wanted to skate under water? How about your own living room? Check out these amazing skate park designs where some crazy lot have done just that! 

1. Under the sea..  

Attracting some of the best pros from around Europe, this skate park is one of the best and most iconic outdoor parks in France!


2. The Living Room..

Check out the Austrian pro skater, Philipp Schuster, who loves skating so much he decided to build himself a skate-villa in Salzburg.. oh, and he lives in it too! 


3. The Tunnel.. 

This tunnel set up in Petersfield is another favorite!

4. The Sperm..

Not sure they thought this one through.. or maybe, worryingly, they did.. 

5. The Barge

Nike built a custom park in New York for 'National Go Skateboarding Day' last year, on a barge! 

6. Watermelon anyone? 

7. The Pinball Machine Skate Park!

In 2011 Mountain Dew may have created the coolest skate park we have ever seen with their Pinball Machine.

8. Floating Water Ramp

Skater Bob Burnquist and his team designed and built the coolest floating skateboarding ramp in Lake Tahoe, in just four days!

9. Octopus Skate Bowl

In downtown Lugano, NeverCrew created this insane Octopus Skate Bowl, as seen in the photographic book "pools: Reflections" by Kelly Klein.

10. Every Skaters Dream House..

So apparently having a skate park as your home is more common than we thought! Pierre Andre Senizergues, the founder of Sole Technology again loves it so much, he too made this dream house. Jealous!?From the kitchen sink to the drawers to the furniture, you can ride EVERYWHERE in this house! Added bonus? The whole thing will be made out of local green resources. Nice work, Pierre. 

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