5 Reasons Why Tony Hawk Is The Most Legendary Skater Of All Time

Tony Hawk is THE ultimate Vert skate legend in the world and here's a run down why... Catch him at NASS on Saturday 11th July!

1. First ever skateboarder to land the 900 degree spin on a vert ramp

Its 27th June 1999, San Francisco, X-GAMES, during the dying minutes of the skate vert best trick comp, Tony Hawk, lands the first 900 ever in a comp. The 900 is a 2 1/2-rotation spin out the top of the ramp and Tony had been trying ‘em for 13 years up to that point. Hawk nailed it on his 12th attempt and won the comp. He BLEW OUR MINDS and became the most famous skater of all time.

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk vert 900 ramp image


2. He gave the world Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Hours and hours spent in front of the TV pretending you were the Birdman himself, going through level after level smashing your mates at Skate. And who can forget Public Enemy ‘Bring the Noise’ on the soundtrack to your gaming (yup, they are headlining on the Sunday). This game NEVER gets old – long live Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Word on the street is THPS5 is on its way...

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 image


3. The RIDE Channel was born

In 2012, Hawk’s film production company, 900 Films, and Google Inc launched one of the most successful skateboarding websites of all time, called RIDE Chanel. It’s for people who eat, breath and dream of skateboarding.

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk Ride Channel image


4. Tony Hawk – the ultimate pro-skater

At 25 Tony Hawk had competed in 103 pro-contests – winning 73 of them and coming second in 19….. This meant he was crowned vert skating champion 12 years in a row!!!

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk ultimate pro skater


5. ‘Birdhouse’ is one of the biggest and best-known skate companies IN. THE. WORLD.

Birdhouse is the sickest brand for anything and everything skate and you can be sure the Birdman is flying behind it.

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk Birdhouse skate companies


Written by Kristian Maxwell
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