Street Art

Street Art

Last year we raised the bar with our street art offering at NASS festival. Big names, big canvasses and big collaborations: not least our partnership with Upfest, creators of the largest street art festival in Europe. We saw a variety of epic work from some of the country’s finest street artists from Bristol and beyond. Lost Souls, My Dog Sighs, Voyder, Kid 30, Lokey, Loch Ness, Paul Monsters, Sokem, Angus and many more helped us to celebrate urban art via huge wall murals, live showcases and intricate stencils.

For 2017 we’re going bigger than ever – and we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities for street art to surprise, impress and start conversations onsite.

It was amazing to see the street art come to life at NASS Festival 2016. As a true fan, it was great to see the artists take their rightful place alongside some of the world’s best action sports athletes and music acts. Really excited with the plans for 2017 – watch this space.”  - Simon Evans, NASS Creative Director 



Murals 2016 saw some more huge murals throughout the site from some of the most talented artists around. Lost Souls (Captain Kris, Squirl, SP Zero 76 and Si Mitchell) created our feature wall at the end of the Truck and Bearing, with a cheeky guest appearance from My Dog Sighs adding his signature bubbles. This eclectic piece featured all sorts: a spray can sheriff, gangsta birds, space girls, nerd bears and winged security cameras, all acting as a backdrop to the dirt jump action. Loch Ness and Paul Monsters once again added their own slice of psychedelic colour to the site with their huge flying monster skull collab. Voyder, MOA, Lokey, Sokem, Angus, The Hass and SledOne transformed the Warehouse alley with an array of epic pieces that brought the passageway to life. Lemak’s giant pasteup of a flatlands BMXer took pride of place at the entrance to the Pro Park and My Dog Sighs created two of his iconic giant peepers that kept watch over the entrance to The Stallyard.


Live Art On the Saturday, Lost Souls (minus Si but featuring Also) painted Hawaiian themed characters amongst the 70 metre run of street art on the side of the Warehouse. Seeing the can control on show (even with hangovers) was as impressive as ever. At the same time, BNIE, The Hass and Nightways were adding their signature work to the Truck & Bearing garden, giving punters a close-up view of their work coming to life.


Dean Lane NASS festival’s very own legal wall – and a tribute to the legendary walls and ramps of Dean Lane Skate Park, the most frequently painted graffiti spot in Bristol. Thousands of writers have layered up iconic pieces there over the years, and some of these original graff legends added to our wall, including Soker and Lokey. All the artists that featured at NASS added their own personal take on the Dean Lane style – resulting in a walkway lined with a colourful blast of old school art.


…and the rest Our Pro Park was given a street art facelift with Kid30 and Grimfinga adding their unique icons to the ramps and rails. Dan Doodies gave us a slice of the Caribbean by adding some reggae inspired colour to the VIP area. A large mural featuring legend Pete Tong took centre stage amongst abstract patterns sprayed onto corrugated sheeting. Voyder and Sokem provided suitably gritty artwork for the Ghetto Park and Will Guise gave us a double tribute for the Truck and Bearing, with Lemmy and Jimi stencils sitting either side of our skateable pub steps. Work from Upfest 15 artists such as Sepr, Zabou, Nomad Clan, Arrix, BeepMonkey and many more also featured throughout the site, and to top it all off the SSVOA ambushed the festival with a variety of stencil work, celebrating sport, music and general nonsense. All in all a pretty spectacular celebration of street art – so good that it killed us to paint over it all!


If you are a street artist who wants to showcase your work at NASS festival 2017, then keep an eye out for the application form that will appear here at the beginning of 2017.

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