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NASS Festival pits off some of the world’s best skaters against each other, in one of the biggest and most progressive contests you will see this year! Our brand new Pro Park course will be revealed shortly, where it will prove, once again the perfect venue to show off our 2016 competitors and their insane skills. The park has been designed by ramp designers 414, the team behind some of the best parks in the UK. This year our contests will be held in the pro street/park, with its 16ft high Vert Ramp and outdoor mini ramps, which will become the home to athletes from over 20 countries worldwide throughout the festival, making NASS the place to watch one of the biggest action sports events of the year unfold. 



NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk Vert Skate Rail NASS Festival 2015 skate spectator crowd

Applications to compete at NASS 2016 will be dropping soon!


Another year, another massive international skate comp. There's nowhere else in the UK where you can witness this level of skateboarding. Last year we saw the likes of Tony Hawks tearing the pro course apart! A new year brings a new line up, and we can wait to show you what our riders have in store for you! Stay tuned for the official list of athletes dropping soon, and you know if 2015 was anything to go by NASS 2016 is set to be a banger!

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2016 will see Europe’s biggest outdoor Vert ramp return to NASS welcoming some of the biggest names in BMX and Skate Vert as they battled it out for a share of a money prize pot per discipline. Going straight in as the biggest Vert contest in the UK (and run by the UK Independent Vert Series), it was an unmissable addition to an incredible list of comps at NASS last year.

Applications to apply for this year's Vert competition will be live soon! Stay tuned.

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We’re stoked to confirm Girls Skate sessions are back again this year at NASS! A New year means a fresh new bag of new faces, tricks and skills in the ladies scene, and we can’t wait to see how far its progressed in the last 12 months. The best British skaters will head into the Pro course on the Friday afternoon battling it out for a place in Sunday’s final, along with a share of prize money! Lead by the team at Skate Girls Productions, we’ve invited them to select the she shredders who will be competing, although there’s still time to register if you would like to get involved.

2016 Skaters still to be confirmed. Last year we saw the likes of Auriance Daries, Carla Lazaro, Charlotte Brennan, Francesca Stroud, Izzy Ellefsen and Sophie Marshen battling it out for the prize bounty!

NASS Festival 2015 girl skate female skater course celebrateNASS Festival 2015 girls skate female skater course celebration


In association with Ride UK, BMX and Sidewalk, the NASS Festival Shop Battle's will be returning for a second year running! Being at the foundation of the action sports scene, the NASS Shop Battle is a nod of appreciation to some of the best Skate and BMX stores and their team members across the UK. Each shop gets to put forward 2 riders to come down and compete, and represent their local scene in the NASS Shop Battle! 

2016 Shops to be confirmed


Skate for as long as you want, free of charge. It doesn’t matter if you’re shit hot or still working on it, all we care about is that you’re having fun.  Watch the best and then go and skate. Keep your eye out for some of the shops and brands kicking about at the public park offering skateboard rental/tuition to get you started. Read more...


Alongside the comps, we’ll have the NASS stall yard - filled with our favourite shops and brands on hand to talk all things skate and offer advice if you need it.  Come and check out the next innovations and demos on all the latest product and hardware. Read more...

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Last year we saw Danny Leon taking the crown in the NASS Pro Park Contest! Every heat was going off with Kris Vile, Ewen Bower, Jak Tonge, Sam Pulley, Adam Keats, Alex Decunha and many more killing it. Last year was seriously heavy! Showcasing some insane energy and pretty mad skills! Get excited for what NASS 2016 has install with a little refresh of all the action from last year's event here 

2016 Pro Skaters

2016 Skaters to be confirmed.

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