NASS Festival brings together some of the world’s best skaters together to compete in one of the biggest and most progressive contests you will see this year! Our brand new Pro Park (currently in design with Four One Four) will once again provide the terrain for our family of skateboarders to perfect their art on.  Whilst we will also see the return of the one of the best vert ramps in Europe.  At 14ft high and inspired by Tony Hawk and Sam Beckett last year, we know that this year’s NASS is going to be literally off the wall!

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk Vert Skate Rail NASS Festival 2015 skate spectator crowd



There's nowhere else in the UK where you will be able witness this level of skateboarding on a purpose made Skate Park that is only there for 4 days.  Every year Four One Four design and build a park that gets better year on year.  Last year we saw the Birdhouse team tearing the pro course apart and as always, a new year brings a new line up.  We can wait to show you what our skaters have in store for you this year! Stay tuned for the official list of athletes dropping soon, and you know, if 2015 was anything to go by NASS 2016 is set to be a banger!


CONFIRMED PRO PARK SKATERS: Adam Keats, Alex DeCunha, Alex Hallford, Ashley Challis, Ben Grove, Cameron Gooden, Carl Wilson, Clay Kreiner, Daniel Hill, Dannie Carlsen, Danny Leon, Daryl Dominguez, Dean Robertson, Ewen Bower, Harry King, Isaac Miller, Jak Tonge, Jake Anderson, Jake Hill, Jamal Bendriss, James Grindley, James Threlfall, Jason Cloete, Jesse Thomas, Joe Hinson, John Howlett, Jordan Thackeray, Josh Mayson, Josh Ward-Brickett, Joshua Young, Keith Melia, Kris Vile, Lee Blackwell, Luke Jarvis, Luke Mcmanus, Matthew Grey, Nai Sukanant, Pontus Björn, Richie G, Robert Woodward, Ross Mcgouran, Ryan Price, Sam Pulley, Stefani Nurding, Tomas Vintr, Trevor Johnson

Amateur: For the first time, NASS 2016 will introduce an Amateur contest to the PRO PARK.  With spaces limited to 70 skaters there is a chance for any skater to qualify for the Pro Comp.  Running on the Friday, we will whittle through the field of skaters and crown the NASS Amateur Contest.  The only question left begging, will be why these guys are not pro already!

CONFIRMED AM PARK SKATERS: Aaron Jago, Alfie Mills, Anthony Amao, Atlas Fairchild, Bailey Geraghty, Brinlay McNicholas, Callum Sidlauskas, Cam Barr, char pross, Craig Loveless, Dan katchi, daniel Smith, Danny Broadbent, Danny Bulmer, Darrell Barrett, Ed Benham, Ed Clements, Elliott Simmons, Emerald Bailey, felix hughes, Filip Plekanec, Freya Brooks, gabriel njie, gareth thomas, George Legg, George Rea, Harry While, Henry Cort, Huw Gordon, Jack Croft, Jack Croft, Jack Kenward, Jama Lam (real name: Jamie Beale), James Dodds, James Grindley, James Hewett, Jamie Boder, jason cloete, Jed Jolly, Jim Spencer, Jordan Everett, Jordan Sharkey, Kieran Given, Lee Taylor, LEO PICKARD, Logan Dell-wilkinson, Lucien Costello, Luke McManus, Luke Powles, Malachi Alba, Marcus Palmer, Max Mauerbeger, Max Melwani, Michael Mauerbeger, Mikey Joyce, Nelly Mayele, Noah Paterson, Noddy Rands, Raphael Mcmenemy, Rhys Morgan, Rianne Evans, Rico Camargo, rio o'byrne, Rory Mclean, Rowan Kral, seras russell, Thomas Sperring, tim prescott, Todd Hardman, Tom Barrio, Tom Hewlett, Tom Keatman, Valters Anstrauts, Woody Mullis-Minshall, Zacharias Williams, Zak Lydiard, Michael Mauerberger, Max Mauerberger

Following the news that NASS 2016 will be introducing an Amateur Skate contest to the PRO PARK, we are now excited to announce that in partnership with Mountain Dew, the top 3 winners will be entered into the Dew Tour Am Series, Amsterdam with travel and accommodation all paid for. Full T&C here.



2016 will see Europe’s biggest outdoor Vert ramp return to NASS.  We will be welcoming some of the biggest names in Vert back to the UK to battle out for a share of the prize money.   Being the biggest Vert contest in the UK (and run by the UK Independent Vert Series) we will not only see the best of UK, but we will see some of the top vert skaters in the world, it was an unmissable addition to an incredible list of comps at NASS last year.


CONFIRMED PRO VERT SKATERS: Ale Massaro ITY, Alex Griffiths, Alex Hallford, Andy Scott, Chris Hudson, Clay Kreiner, Cory Lawson, Dave Allen, Edouard Damestoy, Emerald Bailey, Gabriel Machado, Jake Anderson, Jake Hill, Jesse Thomas, Jim Langran, Jimmy Wilkins, Jocke Olsson, Jordan Thackeray, Juergen Horrwarth, Kollin Schanley, Lee Blackwell, Matthew Beer, Matty Carlisle, Pontus Björn, Raphael Mcmenemy, Sam Beckett, Tate Carew, Trevor Johnson, Zak Kutz

CONFIRMED AM VERT SKATERS: Alfie Mills, Callum Waterton, Cory Lawson, Darren Quinn, Emerald Bailey, Ethan Doody, Finley Kirkby, James Hewett, Keith Melia, Kieran Waterton, Logan Dell-wilkinson, Manfred Kutz, Matthew Hooper, Max Mauerberger, Michael Mauerbeger, Nathan Mcneill, Noddy Rands, Raphael Mcmenemy, Rico Camargo, rio o'byrne, Robert Ayton, Tate Carew






Moonshine skateboards is the only vert skate brand that we know of, they were born in North Carolina and have quickly swept into Europe. All starting as a dream from Adam Moonshine and realised with the help of UK ripper Chris Hudson. The guys have put together a team of vertical rippers combining the best of vert legends like Jockie Olson and Sean Goff with up and coming rippers such as Clay Kreimer and Jesse Thomas. This year at NASS the Moonshine team will be skating the vert Friday night from 10pm-12pm – The Moonlight Sessions. 

Be prepared to be amazed, and if you make enough noise there will be loads of giveaways from Moonshine including decks and T-shirts.


Skate for as long as you want, free of charge. It doesn’t matter if you’re shit hot or still working on it, all we care about is that you’re having fun.  Watch the best and then go and skate. Keep your eye out for some of the pro’s and brands kicking about at the public park, they often like to mix it up and have a shred in here.  Its such a fun place to skate, why wouldn’t you?

NASS Festival 2015 girl skate female skater course celebrateNASS Festival 2015 girls skate female skater course celebration


Alongside the comps, we’ll have the NASS stall yard - filled with our favourite shops and brands on hand to talk all things skate and offer advice if you need it.  Come and check out the next innovations and demos on all the latest product and hardware. And if you snap a board, then you can buy whatever you need here!


Last year we saw Danny Leon taking the crown in the NASS Pro Park Contest! Every heat was going off with Kris Vile, Ewen Bower, Jak Tonge, Sam Pulley, Adam Keats, Alex Decunha and many more killing it. Last year was seriously heavy! Showcasing some insane energy and pretty mad skills! Get excited for what NASS 2016 has install with a little refresh of all the action from last year's event:


Get Lesta

Get Lesta are coming to NASS this year with their team of skaters. If you have not heard of Get Lesta then get educated, they are putting out some of the best UK skate edits and injecting some fun back in skateboarding. Come and hang team and win some product or real cash money at the Get Lesta jam!


There is always a burning desire to be at NASS and witness the mayhem.  This year we are taking this ‘burning desire’ to a whole new level.  We would like to introduce you to the NASS RING OF FIRE.

We will be placing a Ring of Fire in the middle of NASS to watch skaters and BMX’ers launch themselves through the ring and raising the heat level.  This really is the Burger King of action sports…… Flamed grilled to the max!

Check out the video below to get an idea of what we will be doing…………….. BOOM!!


Introducing the NASS Ghetto Park.  This year we have a new park paying homage to 80’s street skating contests.  This means smashed up cars, fly off ramps and jersey barriers to keep the moshers happy.  With BQR123 and Get Letsa hosting jams in the Ghetto Park (Saturday and Sunday respectively) there is a chance for everyone to get down with the old school and win some real cash money and product.


Skitch a ride