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Over the years we’ve had some insane skaters visiting NASS, every year pushing the level of skateboarding that we’ve come to expect.  Guys like Curren Caples, Mike Valley, Stu Graham and Ben Raemers have all left their mark on the contest.

This year we’re welcoming Tony Hawk and the Birdhouse team. So not only will we be delivering the best course, loads of the world’s top skaters as well as the biggest annual skateboard event in the UK… We’ll also guarantee the most fun you can have at an action sports festival.  Get your hands on a VIP ticket and you're guaranteed to see these guys and ‘chill’ with them in the VIP area, especially on the last night (when it’s known to get a bit crazy)!

Keep an eye out for detail of the 2015 Pro Course, soon to be announced.  Be inspired, go and skate then enjoy the best music line-up we’ve ever had!

NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk Vert Skate Rail NASS Festival 2015 skate spectator crowd



NASS Festival 2015 Tony Hawk signature image

The Birdman has not been in the UK since 2008 and along with his crew, they’ve chosen NASS to feature as part of the Birdhouse European Vacation Tour. This is huge and will no doubt make skateboard history.  To have Tony Hawk skating our Vert ramp is special, but to have guys like Ben Reybourn, Aaron “Jaws Homoki, Kevin Staab and Willy Santos coming to skate in imaginable.  You do not want to miss this as these guys will make Saturday the bomb….. BOOM!  Read more...



Another year, another massive international skate comp.  £12,500 is in the mix for the Pro course finals with the best skaters already signed up to compete. There's nowhere else in the UK where you can witness this level of skateboarding.

With the biggest field of confirmed competitors yet, 2015's NASS looks set to be a banger. Not only do we have the Birdman himself, but this year NASS also boasts a line up covering everyone from Spanish back-flipping nutter Danny Leon, through to crowd favourite and one-man theatre of the spectacle Ben 'tops-off Terry' Grove, a combination of forces that looks sure to produce skateboarding of the highest quality and in every possible genre! Looking forward to it!” - Ben Powell, Editor, Sidewalk 

Confirmed Skaters: Adam Keats, Alex Decunha, Alex Hallford, Ben Grove, Bjorn Lillescoe, Carl Wilson, Dannie Carlsen, Danny Leon, Daryl Dominguez, Denis Lynn, Ewen Bower, Filippo Baronello, Jak Tong, Joe Hinson, Jordan Sharkey, Jordan Thackery, Joshua Young, Korahn McGayle, Kris Vile, Martin Pek, Matlok Bennet Jones, Neil Smith, Rob Maatman, Rob Smith, Rodrigo Albuquerque, Ross McGouran, Sam Pulley, Shaun Currie, Tomas Vintr, Trevor Johnson. 


More still to be announced, view all competing skater's profiles here.

Find out how you can qualify to compete at NASS here.

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The all new Vert ramp will welcome some of the biggest names in Vert Skating as they battle it out for a share of the £2,000 prize purse.

Pro Vert confirmed Skaters: Alex Hallford, Andy Scott, Bjorn Lillesoe, Christopher Hudson, Ivan Federico, Jake Anderson, James Threlfall, Jesse Thomas, Jim Langran, Jorge Vieria, Lee blackwell, matthew beer, Matthew Carlisle, Reiss Johnson, Sam Bosworth, Sam Beckett, Trevor Johnson, Tyler Edtmayer, Zak Kutz.

AM Vert confirmed Skaters: Alessandro Mazzara, Callum Waterton, Cory Lawson, David Briggs, David Cutler, Ed benham, finley Kirkby, James Hewett, jon nixon, Keith Melia, Kieran Waterton, Logan Dell-wilkinson, Mat Marlow Marlow, matthew beer, Matthew Hooper, Raphael McMenemy, Rico Camargo, Rio O'byrne, Robert Ayton, Ryan Price, Thomas Ball.


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We’re stoked to confirm Girls Skate sessions are back at NASS and we can’t wait to see how far the UK scene has come. After two years out, the best of British skaters will head into the Pro course on the Friday afternoon battling it out for a place in Sunday’s final and a share of the £500 prize pot. Lead by the team at Skate Girls Productions, we’ve invited them to select the she shredders to compete, although there’s still time to register if you would like to get involved.

Confirmed Skaters: Auriance Daries, Carla Lazaro, Charlotte Brennan, Francesca Stroud, Izzy Ellefsen, Sophie Marshen

NASS Festival 2015 girl skate female skater course celebrateNASS Festival 2015 girls skate female skater course celebration


 NASS Festival’s unwavering commitment to Action Sports in the UK takes on new levels at NASS 2015 with the introduction of the NASS Shop Battle in association with Ride UK BMX and Sidewalk. Skateboard and BMX shops are the foundation of the action sports scenes in the UK and the NASS Shop Battle is a nod of appreciation to them and their team riders with the best stores throughout the UK have been invited to enter two team riders to compete in the NASS Shop Battle. Read more...

Confirmed Shops: slam city skate shop, SS20, Beats Workin, Scene preston, homegrown hardware tamworth, Rollersnakes, Decimal Skate Store, Slick Willies Skate Shop, Bucks Boarding Centre MK, Unit 360, Ideal, Skate Pharmacy, The Black Sheep Store, Triple Sword Skate Store (Empire skatepark)


Skate for as long as you want, free of charge. It doesn’t matter if you’re shit hot or still working on it, all we care about is that you’re having fun.  Watch the best and then go and skate. Keep your eye out for some of the shops and brands kicking about at the public park offering skateboard rental/tuition to get you started. Read more...



Alongside the comps, we’ll have the NASS stall yard - filled with our favourite shops and brands on hand to talk all things skate and offer advice if you need it.  Come and check out the next innovations and demos on all the latest product and hardware. Read more...

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NASS Festival 2015 2014 results Danny Leon

Pro Park:

1st: Danny Leon (SPA)
2nd: Ross McGouran (GBR)
3rd: Sam Pulley (GBR)



It must have been tough being a judge at NASS 2014 with all the top shredding going on in the Pro Course. Check out the best action of the 2014 finals here or watch NASS Skate Pro Park Qualifiers edit here.


2015 Pro Skaters

2015 Skate Athlete Registration: Pro Course Qulifiers | Vert | Girls Sessions

Confirmed 2015 list of shredders:

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