Pro Skateboard

Pro Skateboard


NASS Festival brings together some of the world’s best skaters together to compete in one of the biggest and most progressive contests you will see this year! Last year’s Pro Park was insane and the 2017 park will be even better. Four One Four always provide the perfect terrain for our family of skateboarders.  We will also see the return of the best vert ramps in Europe with the biggest names in Vert coming to compete in this years contest.  As always, NASS is guaranteed to be off the hook!



There's nowhere else in the UK where you will be able witness this level of skateboarding on a purpose made Skate Park that is only there for 4 days (seeing dismantled kills us every year).   Four One Four will again be on hand to design and build a park that is next level.  Last year we witnessed Clay Kreiner do a crazy stale fish backflip and Danny Leon tear the pro course apart to take the Pro win.  2017 will bring a fresh host of international new rippers, all fighting for that coveted number one spot.  We can’t wait to show you who we have in store for you this year!

And don’t forget, we will again be hosting both Amateur and Professional contests in the Park with the winners of the Am contest going into the hat for the Pro qualifiers.



2017 will see Europe’s biggest outdoor Vert ramp return to NASS.  We will be welcoming some of the biggest names in Vert back to the UK to battle out for one of the biggest vert contests in Europe.   With the likes of Jimmy Wilkins, Sam Beckett and Clay Kreiner all here last year, we are super excited to see what 2017 brings.  Vert has had a big part to play at NASS over the last couple of years, we hope that 2017 will be even bigger.



Skate for as long as you want, free of charge. It doesn’t matter if you’re shit hot or still working on it, all we care about is that you’re having fun.  Watch the best and then go and skate. Keep your eye out for some of the pro’s kicking about at the public park, they often like to mix it up and have a shred in here.  It’s such a fun place to skate, why wouldn’t you?



Alongside the comps, we’ll have the NASS stall yard - filled with our favourite shops and brands on hand to talk all things skate and offer advice if you need it.  Come and check out the next innovations and demos on all the latest product and hardware. If you snap a board or pop a bearing, you can buy whatever you need here!



Last year was the first time NASS invited Moonshine skateboards to come on and put on a vert show and what a vert show it turned out to be.  Some of the best vert skaters in the world going nuts, as well as a 6 year old dropping into a vert ramp for the very first time.  Moonshine easily created one of the highlights of NASS 2016.  So, it would be ludicrous not to extend the invitation for NASS 2017.   Mr Moonshine, Chris Hudson, will no doubt be on hand to make as much noise as he can and keep you all entertained.  With names like Jesse Thomas, Jocke Olson, Clay Kreiner and many more, he will certainly have a lot to shout about.  Come and enjoy the Moonshine and Friends Session this year at NASS and prepare to be totally intoxicated…… MOONSHINE SKATEBOARDS, YEAH BABY!!



There is always a burning desire to be at NASS and witness the mayhem.  At NASS 2016 we took this ‘burning desire’ to a whole new level and introduced you to the NASS RING OF FIRE.

The Ring of Fire will be back in 2017 ready for Skaters to launch themselves through. This really is the Burger King of action sports - flamed grilled to the max! Check out the video below to get an idea of what we will be doing... BOOM!!



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